Listen and you will know the rest of the story. We have to re-elect President Trump to finish up the investigation on the Deep State who are hiding in plain sight.

David Rhode: The truth about America’s Deep State:

David Rhode: The Truth About America’s Deep State
Apr 24, 2020

President Trump and his supporters blame rogue elements in the FBI and CIA for inciting the Ukraine Scandal, the impeachment trials and more recently, criticism for how he has handled the outbreak of COVID-19. He claims a “deep state”—a clandestine network of individuals who are running the US from behind closed doors—exists to thwart him and undermine his presidency. But does the Deep State really exist? Are the FBI and CIA the enemies, or protectors, of American democracy? And did skepticism of government experts slow President Trump’s response to the coronavirus?

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Rohde will explore the intelligence community and FBI scandals of the past four decades—from Abscam to false intelligence about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction to warrantless wiretappings of Americans—

and investigates growing fears of a deep state that cross party lines.


Does this cross party lines – is the big question?


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