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Who are the members of the DEEP STATE?

How many years have we heard this? Biden/Harris are trying to take over the country and make it into a third world country – they are not qualified. Plain and simple. Neither one is a mechanic who can fix the country in which those same Democrats tore it into shreds.

President Trump needs four more years to fix the engine (the government) and make it hum again by finishing the investigation of the Obama/Democrats coup because right now we have AG Barr/Durham who do not have the courage to make the “kill” and put these people in prison. President Trump will have to fire Barr because he has been derelict in his duty to make the “kill.” Barr stated the report would be forthcoming in the Spring, then Summer, then before the election, and now not before the election. The American people need to have the information because these same people are running to finish the coup and destroy the coup information. We cannot allow this.

AG Barr needs to be replaced or have a Trump committee formed to give the information on the coup to the people so they can be properly informed before the election to make a conscious vote.

President Trump – The 21st Century Mechanic

The Evolution Of The Vehicle

The rapid advancements in the automotive industry and the constant evolution of the vehicle have created a huge shift in the day-to-day job of mechanics. In the past, a person who knew the motor inside and out would make for an excellent automotive mechanic. The same held true for a transmission expert who could rebuild a manual transmission with their eyes closed. Since then, the industry has seen a massive shift into the electronic world of vehicles and has drastically changed the requirements of the automotive mechanic.


In the past, cars primarily ran with mechanical components that did not require any type of on board electrical systems. Prior to OBD (On Board Diagnostics) I, technicians were only required to have a strong understand of how the mechanical components of a vehicle worked and how to troubleshoot and fix mechanical systems. The cars produced today are being built with more electrical components than ever before, creating a huge shift in job of a mechanic.


OBD I is the term referring to a vehicles self-diagnostic and reporting capability, which came out in the early 80’s. With the new OBD system, vehicles could now indicate a warning light to the driver that a problem has arisen. This advancement sparked the beginning of the electronic world of vehicles, requiring electrical knowledge and diagnostic skills that were never needed before.


In the mid to late 90’s, OBD II came out which created a huge shift yet again in the job of the mechanic. The new OBD system now incorporated DTC’s (Data Trouble Codes), which went a step above the warning light. Now vehicles had the ability to indicate a warning light that was specific to each component of the vehicle to give the driver even more information about a problem that had arisen. In 1996, it was required that all vehicles manufactured in the U.S. incorporated the new OBD II system. Shortly after, it became industry standard for mechanics to be certified in electrical systems in order to perform any type of work on electronic vehicle components.

Vehicles Today

Vehicles produced today still incorporate the ODB II system, however, it has become much more complex. Vehicles now have a sensor for just about every mechanical component on them and even have the ability in some cases to show the driver the severity of the issue. For example, when most vehicles sense that they have low oil pressure, they will indicate both a low oil pressure light and a flashing check engine light to warn the driver to shut the vehicle off immediately. If the vehicle senses a relatively minor issue such as a leak in the EVAP system, it will only display a check engine light to the driver.

The Need For A Qualified Mechanic to run the government.

In today’s world, mechanics that do not have a strong understand of all of these sensors and components will have a very hard way to go. Most of them have probably watched their position being filled by techs who have put in the time to learn how the new systems function and how to fix them. Mechanics who are highly skilled in electrical systems are extremely valuable to repair shops and in most cases will be the “go to” guys any time an in depth electrical diagnostic is needed.

So next time your vehicle needs diagnosis on an electrical component, remember that it is not an easy job and can often be extremely difficult and time consuming to figure out. If you are looking for a shop you can trust, make sure to ask about their certifications and ensure they are up to date with all of the latest vehicle systems.

Check out the person you plan to vote for – check their credentials. We really need an IQ test for every politician running for office; but, the folks running don’t have the qualifications and this is why we are in the fix we are in – the socialist educational system have poisoned our children’s minds.

We need a qualified businessman – Trump – to finish his job to turn this country around and put ALL OF the DEEP STATE in prison. Trump has worked day and night to clear out the swamp – but due to the political left they continue to throw road blocks to keep that from happening.

Do not vote for any DEMOCRAT in the 2020 election because they are the problem not the solution.

If we don’t continue and finish the investigation – we will not have a country.


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