We can see what Pelosi has done to our country as speaker and we must change that. This woman thinks she is God. She is a vicious person who is part of the Obama coup working against the U.S. Constitution and our duly-elected President. We must elect President Trump in order to bring justice to our country by finishing up the coup investigation. Otherwise, all of these people will be back in office continuing their socialist agenda.


Fellow Americans:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must go.

FIRST, she opened a presidential impeachment inquiry without a vote of the full House to authorize it, dealing a major blow to our constitutional system and wasting valuable legislative time that could have been used to solve real problems.

THEN, she overturned 230 years of precedent by authorizing proxy voting, which allows her to pass legislation with only 5% of the members of the House being present.

THEN, she recklessly encouraged violence in our streets and refused to take any steps to restore the rule of law. She won’t address calls in her party to “defund the police” and excused the rioters, saying, “people will do what they do.”

She has authorized her representatives (ANTIFA, a terrorist organization/BLM) in Democratic states to destroy our cities and burn our flag to cause harm/death to the people and make our President look bad. This is anarchy.

NOW, she’s threatening to impeach President Trump again if he does his job and nominates someone to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to be arrested and removed from her position for aiding and abetting the enemy.


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