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If our government’s three-legged stool were all on the same page of the Constitution then what the author brings to the table would work; but, he fails to mention that the prior eight years of government under Obama was run not under the Constitution but sharia law, and three houses full of Obama left overs when President Trump came into office. He never mentions that. The writer is blaming President Trump not the Democrats/Pelosi/Schumer who attempted a coup and still are with no Constitution in their sight. With the Congress not using the Constitution the President in order to succeed had to write Executive Orders to keep the country running and still fighting the coup.

His writings walked through the story as if we had a “perfect” three-legged stool not one in which has one leg has been sawed off by the Democrats.

The writer has to put the government in the perspective that it is currently operating.  Why didn’t he criticize Obama when he was in office and did not use the Constitution?   Shame on him for misleading the people.

There were no solutions to what the problem is – only criticism which is why he is not the President.


The Western Tribune

A few weeks ago, I shared a video and was interviewed about my dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump and the current state of American conservatism. I stand by everything I said in the video and the interview. I also realize that dissatisfaction with something is only one side of the necessary conversation. Equally important is to offer a positive vision of what conservatism should be. I’ll do my best to offer such a vision in this essay, but first, we must try to understand how we got where we are.

Through most of its history, American conservatism has involved vibrant discussions about principles and policy. In the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, the American right accommodated statesmen as diverse as Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller, and thinkers from William F. Buckley to Irving Kristol to Harry Jaffa to Robert Bork (it is also worth noting here that the conservative movement…

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