Google keeps erasing my tag on each blog. For documentary purposes.

How justice is being destroyed in our country.

This was all started by AG Eric Holder with funding from Soros during Obama’s eight years. Obama politicized all departments – so here we are today with an upside bunch of lunatics.

Here is someone that will explain what is going on.

By: Bobby

It’s no secret that George Soros has been buying the elections for years, from school board leftist to “social justice” city and county attorneys. His efforts have been rewarded by flipping Virginia from Red to Blue where public school children are guaranteed a leftist “education” and criminals that you site go unpunished. The crazy thing is, that the liberal Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with that. I do . . . and will be voting for TRUMP, (again), because he is the only thing standing between where we are now, and where the socialists have been successfully directing us.


When will the Democrats be held accountable for these crimes.


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