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Democrats war on American cities. The American President Trump brought all of our troops home from the war zones in the Middle East and the radical Democrats were very unhappy about it. Is that why they are making their own war with the citizens of the U.S. to keep their clients happy? Something is brewing here because we hear the radical Democrats drums of civil war beating on the air waves or why else are these Democrat governors and mayors conducting Obama/Soros/BLM/Antifa to terrorize these American cities with no honor?

Do you hear Pelosi or Schumer call out this terrorism on the cities? Pelosi/Schumer need to be investigated for collusion with BLM/Obama/Soros’ Antifa. It has been proven that he people are not locals but people who are bused into the city with guns.


Salena Zito, a Washington Examiner writing this, that Kenosha could change this election because it represents every man of America’s mid-sized cities. When people see Kenosha, they see their hometown, their suburb, their schools, their middle America, and they wonder by the grace of God, there goes the country, she writes.

President Trump spent the day there today. Joe Biden says that he hopes that he will visit soon. When you see the wide shot of that picture that was in there, it is a bunch of burned out buildings on the streets of Kenosha. We’re going to pull up that in just a second, so you can get a real look at the president there today.

In 16 days, absentee ballots are going to hit the crucial swing state of Wisconsin, where President Trump trails right now by over three points. Hogan Gidley is the Trump Campaign’s National Press Secretary. Hogan, good to see you tonight, as always. So, you have that that image today, which we’re going to put up of the president standing before the people whose businesses are burned out. It looks like he’s standing in the middle of Beirut.

But as Salena Zito writes, this is unbelievably happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s also true that according to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, the president is down there by 3.5.

HOGAN GIDLEY, TRUMP CAMPAIGN NATIONAL PRESS SECRETARY: Again, we take issue with the polling for sure. But I would tell you that the politics of this has really shifted things for the Democrats and the Biden campaign. It’s not about politics for this president. It’s about the American people.

Donald Trump cares about their safety and security. 90 days, this has been going on, Martha. Death, destruction, looting, rioting, assaults on innocent Americans. The Democrats had a convention for four days, said nothing about it. Democrat convention, Democrat controlled cities, not a word. Joe Biden called them peaceful protests again this weekend. And then that politics started to shift. Turns out the American people don’t like it when their cities are set ablaze by rioters and protesters and looters and all the like.

And what happened? Biden had to come out and say there was a little violence sprinkled in with all the mostly peaceful protesters. And then the media jumped right in with them and said, yes, not only is there violence, it’s Donald Trump’s fault. Who do they think they’re kidding? You’re playing video right now–

MACCALLUM: Let me plat that. I want to play that video, Hogan.

GIDLEY: There’s not a single Donald Trump T-shirt in any of the video you’re playing. It’s all pro-Biden supporters are doing this to our America.

MACCALLUM: This is Joe Biden. This is what Hogan Gidley is referring to here. This is Joe Biden in Pittsburgh. Watch.


JOE BIDEN, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: This is a sitting president of the United States of America. He’s supposed to be protecting his country, but instead he’s rooting for chaos and violence. The simple truth is Donald Trump failed to protect America. So, now he’s trying to scare America.


MACCALLUM: So, in Kenosha, one of the things that set this off obviously was the death of Jacob Blake. His uncle came out today. He said, we don’t want to hear anything from – he called him the orange man. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don’t have any words for the orange man. All I ask is that he keep his disrespect, his foul language, far away from my family. We need a president that’s going to unite our country and take us in a different direction.


MACCALLUM: So, what do you say to both of those, Hogan?

GIDLEY: Look, Joe Biden has been in office for half of a century and nothing has improved. He has nothing to point to as any type of substantial victory for the American people at all. And to hear him talk right now, I mean, who does he think he’s fooling, for that matter? He hasn’t said a word about this for this entire time period, 90 days, three months this has been going on. He pops up out of the hidey hole every once in a while, to say, let’s defund the police and blame the police, calling them the instigators of some of this violence.

And what did they think was going to happen? Democrats now for years, Maxine Waters, saying if you see someone in the administration get in their face, tell them they’re not welcome here, cause a scene. You had Kamala Harris, the vice-presidential nominee, the pick by Joe Biden, saying this is not going to stop. It shouldn’t stop. It should keep going. They want the chaos. They are rooting for chaos because they think it falls back on the president.

But again, this vice presidential, this Vice President Joe Biden is completely oblivious to where the American people are on this. They want safety, security. They demand it. The government is supposed to provide safety and security for those who can’t provide it themselves.

And by the way, when you’re talking about these cities, the president has offered help at every turn to try and squash this violence–

MACCALLUM: Yes, he’s made that very clear–


GIDLEY: And then when he doesn’t come in, they say it’s all his fault. You can’t have it both ways.

MACCALLUM: What’s your response to Jacob Blake’s uncle?

GIDLEY: Which part?

MACCALLUM: He said he doesn’t want to hear anything from President Trump and to keep his divisiveness where it is, that’s what he just said.

GIDLEY: Look, the President of the United States is the only one trying to unify people behind an uplifting, patriotic message. This country is a great place. It’s Democrats who say it’s inherently evil, that it’s the cause of the world’s problems. And we fundamentally disagree.

Of course, this country has challenges, but what’s unique about America is that we get through them together. We come out stronger. After all, all of the issues we face. The president is not only the consoler in chief, which you saw today in Wisconsin, but he also understands the American people deserve law and order. They deserve safety and security. He’s been for that his entire time in office. He’ll be there for the American people for the next one as well.

MACCALLUM: I want to try to get in two quick questions if I can. Kyle Rittenhouse, a couple of pieces written today that by Republican supporters who say that they’re concerned that the president opening the door to being supportive of that young man walking down the street with his rifle and how things ended up. And we don’t know. We’re waiting for the investigation. But the president sort of opened up the door to that, to being supportive to him. Was that a mistake? Some Republicans saying today that they concerned that it might have been a mistake in Wisconsin to voters there.

GIDLEY: Well, a couple of things. And you hit on one of them. Look, we want to wait for the investigation. The president was very clear about that. He also said that citizens should not take matters into their own hands. He wants the brave men and women of the law enforcement to handle this. The problem is these Democrat mayors, Democrat governors have said, don’t do your job. You can’t use non-lethal means; you can’t use lethal means. And the police are standing down. We saw a blue out in Atlanta where everyone just didn’t show up for work. That’s unacceptable.

So, the president wants just–

MACCALLUM: So, the president does not want people, does not want civilians to take this into their own hands, is what I’m hearing you say today. I’m not sure he said it as clearly as you did just there.

GIDLEY: He said it last night on Laura. He sure did. He said he wants the law enforcement to handle this. Absolutely.

MACCALLUM: OK. Last question. The Walter Reed visit that has been written about in this new book, you were there in the White House at the time. Why did the president go to Walter Reed that day?

GIDLEY: I’m not sure which instance you’re talking about, the one where they tried to claim that he had some type of ailment?

MACCALLUM: Yes, that’s what I’m referring to.

GIDLEY: Well, I’m with the president a lot. He’s the healthiest man I know. And you saw the doctor, Sean Conley come out. He’s one of the best physicians on the planet say that this is absolutely ludicrous. For someone in the media to make such a dangerous, ridiculous, irresponsible claim and see no ramification at all. No fallout from CNN. Joe Lockhart, what a despicable human being to try and float this out there. A rumor about the president’s health.

You see him every single day. He’s out for hours at a time. Joe Biden is sitting down in a basement somewhere, pops up every so often to say a couple of words here and there, takes no questions. If anyone has an issue, it’s obviously Joe Biden because he won’t face the music with the media. But for someone to make that type of allegation against this president I think is quite frankly disgusting. He owes the president, this country an apology. And quite frankly, he should be fired.

MACCALLUM: And I would direct people to Sean Conley’s statement, which was pretty emphatic. Hogan Gidley, thank you very much. Always good to have you here.

GIDLEY: Absolutely.


Again, have you heard Pelosi or Schumer call out the Soros terrorism being conducted by these radical governors/mayors? The mayors/governors/Pelosi/Schumer need to be investigated.


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