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MACCALLUM: Joe Biden changed his tune considerably on violence when he spoke in Pittsburgh, when he talked about the United States cities that are on fire, but his comments did draw some scrutiny for what the former vice president failed to mention. The Wall Street Journal editorial board today writes this.

Surely Mr. Biden knows that the protests and riots this Memorial Day are overwhelmingly led by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. Mr. Biden didn’t mention those groups in his prepared remarks, and he never used the words Left-wing to describe those who are burning businesses and attacking police precincts. Here’s some of what Mr. Biden did say.


BIDEN: He’s got no problem with Right-wing militia, white supremacists, and vigilantes with assault weapons often better armed than the police, often in the middle of the violence.

(Kommonsentsjane – Biden’s lying.)


MACCALLUM: Here now, Deroy Murdock, contributing editor to National Review Online and a Fox News Contributor and Juan Williams, co-host of The Five and a Fox News political analyst. Deroy, let me start with you. What did you make of what was in his statement and what was left out?

DEROY MURDOCK, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, I was struck by the fact that he blamed this, I didn’t point any blame at Black Lives Matter, at Antifa, any of these Left-wing groups. They claim that these are Right-wing groups doing it. Are these Right-wing groups burning the American flag? Maybe the American Legion doing so. We’ve seen churches attack. We’ve seen statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ decapitated. Is that the focus of the family doing this? This is absolute sort of bizarre. I mean, it’s one thing for him not to speak up over these last three months, but then finally to speak up as he has yesterday, and then turn around and blame it on President Trump and his supporters. I think it’s astonishing.

And one of the things he completely forgot to mention is how President Trump repeatedly has said things that are designed to try to soothe the situation and calm people down. For example, May 30th, just after these riots started, he said in Cape Canaveral, I quote, the memory of George Floyd being dishonored by rioters, looters, and anarchists. Healing, not hatred, justice, not chaos is the mission at hand. And he’s repeatedly said things like this, trying to lower the temperature and get people to be unified.

Unfortunately, most of the media don’t cover this. They do cover, of course, the riots on the other side will claim that they’re peaceful or mostly peaceful, even though so many of these incidents end up with graffiti, broken windows, burned buildings. And just a couple of nights ago in Portland, with the Trump supporter being shot dead in the streets by Antifa activist, by the way.

MACCALLUM: Juan, he said in that same speech, Joe Biden, I’m not a radical socialist. Do I look like a radical socialist? He said. So then why would it be difficult to talk about these groups? It ought to be natural for someone who portrays himself that way to be able to say, I am not the radical formers of Black Lives Matter and I am not Antifa, and these people are burning down buildings and ruining people’s lives and they need to stop. Why not just say it?

JUAN WILLIAMS, “THE FIVE” CO-HOST: Well, first of all, he did say that looting, rioting, setting buildings on fire is wrong and it’s a crime, and the people who do it ought to be not only arrested, but prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He said that quite plainly. But I think that what you’re saying is curious to me, because I read in the newspaper today that the Center for Strategic and International Studies reported that it’s like 90 percent, 90 percent, Martha, of the incidence of crime and the rioting, the violence are responsibility of Right-wing militia groups in this country.

(Kommonsentsjane – Williams is using Obama talking points to blame right-wing militia groups.)

And it’s just to me astonishing that President Trump is the one who is quick to say, oh–

MACCALLUM: Those numbers are not referring to what’s happening in the cities. Yes, there’s numbers are not referring to these incidents on what we’re watching and what we’re covering for the last three months.

WILLIAMS: I’m telling you this country is really experiencing a wave of Right-wing violence. We saw two men killed, two men killed in Kenosha by a young man, 17, who identified himself as part of a militia pro police.

MACCALLUM: And he’s under investigation – that’s a heinous situation. And nobody is–


WILLIAMS: Martha, has President Trump once said that that young man did something wrong? He’s been given every opportunity–

MACCALLUM: He said, it’s under investigation. I just questioned Hogan Gidley about exactly that question, but I do want to get to one of the thing with both of you, because I think these comments are interesting, because during the RNC, we heard from Nikki Haley, we heard from Tim Scott, we heard from Jack Brewer saying that there is not systemic racism in the United States, but that notion has become overblown, that it is not true of this country on the whole.

And now, there’s some pushback on that idea. And one of the – a piece of it comes from a podcast that was just a casual conversation between Michelle Obama and her friends and another one from Kamala Harris that we have for you to listen to and respond to. Let’s play those.


(kommonsentsjane – That is why the radical left continues to strut them in front of the camera – so they can show their wears and tell us how awful whites are – these two will get more attention with the hate card than trying to be thankful for what we all have accomplished with each generation by using “social promotion.” Maybe they both feel guilty? My question is they keep calling out whites for “white privilege? What about the blacks and their “black privilege,” where they can whiz all the way through college with out even “cracking” a book with “social promotion?” And end up making millions running down the field with some kind of ball? Just asking? What do they do – they end up kneeing in the dirt begging because they still don’t have enough? It is called greed.)

MICHELLE OBAMA, FORMER FIRST LADY: What white folks don’t understand is that — that is so telling of how white America views people who are not like them. You know, we don’t exist. And when we do exist, we exist as a threat. That, that’s exhausting.

(Kommonsentsjane – The only reason she feels that way is – she denigrates and belittles herself rather than just making herself a part of the crowd. Who cares what color she is. Her feeling that way only makes people feel uncomfortable knowing she feels that way. It is time for her to get over these feelings no matter where she is. We were all born with the same equipment and it is up to each individual to make do with what you have. I can be black too by putting black color on my body. Does that make me different? It’s still me with black color. Michelle can make herself white so what is the difference. Quick carrying the burdens which only makes you bitter. Stop bitchin’ and enjoy life – you have a lot to be thankful for. Quit having these pity parties.)

KAMALA HARRIS, DEMOCRATIC VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: The reality is that the life of a black person in America has never been treated as fully human. And we have yet to fulfill that promise of equal justice under law.

(Kommonsentsjane – Both Michelle/Kamala are racists after both having reached the ladders of success and still complaining while picking their teeth with a tooth pick trying to find something else to put on the hate plate. But, that is the name of the game – keep complaining. These people will always find something to complain about – it is just their nature. These people will never be satisfied. They are hooked on the drug of greed. Don’t ever forget the hate Obama gave to the white people while he was in office and stole everything, even the kitchen sink.)


MACCALLUM: Never been treated as fully human, and Michelle Obama was referred to — referred to — you know, she and her friends being — someone cut in front of them in line at an ice cream store, and that was what prompted that comment. Deroy?

(Why should she feel that way – never fully human. The reason is because “she has built that into her own mind.” Maybe she should have an MRI and have her brain checked out to see if she has everything we are all born with? And, she feels that way because someone cut in front of them in line at an ice cream store. Give us a break, how many times have any of us have had that happen – many. My answer to that always is – SURE, GO AHEAD I AM NOT IN ANY HURRY. Why would you blame it on yourself?)

DEROY MURDOCK, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I just find it astonishing that this woman was the first lady of the United States, as deeply racist, bigoted country, elected her husband president of the United States in 2008 and reelected in 2012 comfortably, the same racist nation elected Kamala Harris, the attorney general of California and now the U.S. senator from California, now she’s the V.P. nominee.

So somehow despite this racism they make it, I wish they would encourage other folks who are black, that there are possibilities you can make in this country, rather than whine and moan about systemic racism that they pick, that they dent.

MACCALLUM: Quick comment, Juan, before we go.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS CO-HOST & POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, I mean, we live in a troubled time here, obviously, if we think about George Floyd, if you think about Jacob Blake, if you think about Breonna Taylor, these people were killed, and it’s shocking to me.

This — I just saw a baseball player for the Mets, and he said it feels like they are hunting us. You know, LeBron James, the famous basketball player, said this is — this racism in this country is out of control. Why won’t white people acknowledge it?

MACCALLUM: All right. You know, I think that people are seeing things in very different ways, and I think that’s part of what is going on in the country, and we all have to really listen to each other here.

I’m going to have to leave it there, but we’ll pick it up next time. Juan Williams and Deroy Murdock, gentlemen, thank you very much for being here today.

Coming up, Portland police reportedly investigating a person of interest who self-described as 100 percent antifa in connection with the killing of a protester there who lost his life.

DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupec on the attorney general’s vow to quell the violence and the new rules rolled out — rolled out today to make it tougher for the FBI to surveil politicians and American citizens and their campaigns, next.



WILLIAM BARR, UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL: When we are able to identify people who have committed crimes in these riots going all the way back to the beginning, whether they are burning police cars or throwing rocks at people, which are deadly, they will be prosecuted.


MACCALLUM: Attorney General Bill Barr vowing to hold these perpetrators accountable. Just last night in Portland, police declared a riot as protests stretched into the 96th night there. Rioters gathered outside the mayor’s home, Ted Wheeler, who basically had supported them since day one. They were calling for his resignation, and it was a birthday party, of sorts.

The rioters also set fires two bundles of newspapers, they threw them into the ground floor of a residential building, in the act, they torched a minority owned business called Pearl District Dental. They broke the windows, they looted the stores in the area, so what started out as a peaceful protest became something quite different in the evening there.

Meanwhile, police are reportedly investigating this man, an antifa supporter, Michael Reinoehl, as a person of interest in the killing of Patriot Prayer member Aaron Danielson this weekend.

DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupec joins us now. Kerri, good to have you here tonight.


MACCALLUM: You know, what can you tell us about these ongoing investigations into the murders, the Kyle Rittenhouse situation is also under investigation, as well, and the efforts to figure out who is behind all of this?

KUPEC: The Department of Justice is assisting in those investigations and we are investigating coordinated criminal activity related to riots, destruction of federal property, assault of federal law enforcement officers.

We obviously don’t prosecute ideology or groups, but we certainly prosecute and certainly investigate criminal activity.

And, Martha, part of this is following the money. So, what does that mean? That means examining the financial transactions related to this coordinated criminal activity.

For instance, some of the materials that have been used in these riots, how are they purchased? Where is this money coming from? Who is behind that? And working our way up. And the Department of Justice is aggressively pursuing all of the avenues with respect to these investigations.

MACCALLUM: So, the president talked about people dressed in black that were seen on airplanes traveling from one location to the other. What is the DOJ know about that? And do you think that there are, sort of, you know, nationwide funding organizations behind these groups?

KUPEC: We’re certainly, as I said, tracing the money and following the money as an integral part of examining coordinated criminal activity, the likes of which we’ve seen in Portland, and we’ve made over 100 arrests in Portland. We’ve charge 76 individuals. More charges are coming this week.

This is part of 300 arrests, over 300 arrests nationally, over 300 defendants charged, as well, and so the Department of Justice, the FBI, ATF, and all of our components are committed to aggressively pursuing, investigating —


KUPEC: — and prosecuting this violence, because it’s unacceptable.

MACCALLUM: So, if you find out that somebody is buying them tickets and paying for their hotel rooms and all of that kind of thing, is there criminal charges that can be brought against the person who is doing that, though?

KUPEC: Well, yes, and we look at crimes and the federal crimes is being committed, and federal crimes include, you know, assault in federal law enforcement officers, arson. We have a number of arson investigations, particularly in Kenosha, and so that’s something that we look at.

But again, the materials, and you show these videos on your show, Martha, as have other networks as well, we’ve seen some of these materials that have been used in these riots, and it’s not just that a pallet of bricks magically appear on a street corner, right? Somebody has had to purchase those.


KUPEC: It indicates coordinated activity, and so the FBI continues to watch video footage of what has happened in Portland and other places in order to thoroughly investigate what’s going on and who is behind it.

MACCALLUM: A lot of questions out there about who is behind it, exactly. Before I let you go, the FBI came out today with sort of new guidelines in terms of FISA applications and the like. And, you know, tightening the ability to surveil American citizens, members of campaigns. Any thoughts on that, that guidance, and does that in any way indicate that the Durham report is going to be close behind?

KUPEC: Yes. So, a couple thoughts on that. So in addition to the inspector general’s review, in addition to the 40 plus reforms that Director Wray has already enacted and is implementing, in addition to John Durham’s investigation, the attorney general determined it was necessary to implement additional reforms at the FBI to make sure that what happened to President Trump and his campaign never happens again.

This includes the creation of an audit office within the FBI, and what that office will be doing is conducting oversight of national security activities, FISA applications, and the like. The inspector general will be reviewing the activities of that office after eight months to make sure it’s properly functioning.

And in addition, on the FISA piece of things, if the FBI seeks a FISA warrant on an elected official on member of a campaign or a candidate, they will need to get permission from the attorney general to do so.

MACCALLUM: Kerri Kupec, thank you. Always good to see you, Kerri.

KUPEC: Thank you.

MACCALLUM: Officer Tamaris Bohanon, 29 years old, shot in the head and killed in the line of duty this week. He left behind a wife and three young children. So where is the protest for T., as he was known to his family?

Former St. Louis County Police Chief, Ron Battelle on the legacy that Officer Bohanon leaves behind, next.


MACCALLUM: St. Louis Police Officer Tamaris Bohanon was responding to a call of a shooting on Saturday evening when he was shot in the head and killed. Twenty-year-old officer leaves behind a grieving family who shared a handwritten message, reading in part, he is a hero to many, but most importantly, to his loving wife and three incredible children. They are under the age of 10.

A suspect with a lengthy criminal record believed to be on the run from Florida has been charged with his murder.

Here now former St. Louis County Police Chief, Ron Battelle, executive director of The Backstoppers, a non-profit working to help Officer Bohanon’s family. Chief Patel, good to have you here this evening. Your thoughts on this perpetrator and what happened here?

RON BATTELLE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, THE BACKSTOPPERS INC.: Well, the perpetrator should never have been out there to begin with, that’s my number one thought, and my second thought is he killed one of our St. Louis police officers. And Officer Bohannon, he was called T by his family, he was called Bo by his fellow officers, but he was a committed officer who was dedicated to the community and tried to make it better, loved his family, three kids, just a tragic deal.

MACCALLUM: Beautiful family. We’re just looking at pictures of them now, it’s unbelievable.


MACCALLUM: This is Steve Haag who owns the home that this perpetrator ran into you and these homeowners ran out the back. Listen to this.


STEVE HAAG, HOMEOWNER TARGETED BY GUNMAN: He left us alone. I can only say he wanted to draw the police’s attention. And once the police came, then he went after the main agenda, which was the officers.


MACCALLUM: The police association says that he was a difference maker, he was a serve — a public servant who will be mourned by all, because his life mattered. Just a final thought, sir, on, you know, what you see happening out there with blue lives matter and black lives matter, what do you think about all of this?

BATTELLE: Well, my focus is on the Backstoppers and having resources to take care of police fire, and these officers are killed in the line of duty. But certainly, it’s a dangerous era out there. Where it’s going to end up, I don’t know. It’s very dangerous. You’ve got to give credit to these first responders. They put their life on the line every day, they are brave, they have a lot of courage, and Officer Bohannon performed with honor and courage here, and we lost him.

MACCALLUM: He certainly did. And Backstoppers is a wonderful organization that supports these families, I encourage everybody to check it out, donate if you can. Beautiful, beautiful family —

BATTELLE: Absolutely.

MACCALLUM: — now trying to find their way forward without their dad and husband. Thank you very much, Chief Battelle. Good to have you here tonight.

BATTELLE: Yes. And Backstoppers will be working with this.

MACCALLUM: Thank you very much, sir.

Coming up, World War II veteran Jack Holder, a survivor of Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway, and Guadalcanal, was supposed to be in Hawaii to celebrate the victory over Japan Day, but COVID-19 had other plans. His brave story, next.


MACCALLUM: We have been remembering the 75th anniversary since the Japanese boarded the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay and signed the surrender documents, ending World War II, and beginning a great period of peace in American history.

Dozens of World War II veterans were set to be in Pearl Harbor to commemorate this huge event, and they will now have to remain home due to COVID concerns. That includes my next guest, 98-year-old Pearl Harbor and Battle of Midway survivor Jack Holder, who wrote to the commemoration committee saying this. Many remaining vets like me traverse our nation from New York to Pearl Harbor to meet with young people, telling our stories, promoting the importance of resilience and optimism, courage and commitment in the face of challenge and loss.

We want our message and experience about the challenges we faced back then to help remind everyone today that an adversary like COVID-19 will ultimately be no match for our spirit to fight and win.


God helps those who help themselves to succeed.


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