KOMMONSENTSJANE – Coronavirus and Big Government, Part II.

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The problem is that the Democrats are working against the people of this country not helping. Even with the virus inflected on this country by China, we have the Democrats inflecting more damage with their staged riots in Seattle/Portland/Chicago/Minnesota.

This is all about the 2020 election in which the  Democrats are trying to make the President look bad; but, it shows that the people of this country are tired of the Democrats harassing the American people/President and polls show they are mad and sound out that they will vote against the Democrats in the election.

Now Wisconsin Gov. Declares State of Emergency after Kenosha Riots, Doubles National Guard Presence. We heard nothing in the DNC convention about the riots to protect the innocent small/large businesses from these BLM/Antifa rioters.  It is time for the Government troops to come in and protect the innocent businesses whose lives and businesses are affected.


International Liberty

Five days ago, I wrote “Coronavirus and Big Government” to highlight how sloth-like bureaucracy and stifling red tape deserve much of the blame for America’s slow response to the crisis.

And I started that column by sharing four points from a previous column on “Government, Coronavirus, and Libertarianism.” I’ll start today’s column by repeating the final observation.

4. The federal government has hindered an effective response to the coronavirus.

Here’s a video from John Stossel documenting the federal government’s clumsy incompetence.

And here are a bunch of stories and tweets that provide additional elaboration.

Feel free to click on the underlying stories if you want to get even angrier about the deadly impact of big government.

The silver lining to all the bad news is that politicians and bureaucrats have been relaxing regulatory barriers.

But will they learn the right lesson and permanently repeal government-created barriers…

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