If any of you watched the Democratic Convention last night, the first thing I noticed was – they are flying under a false flag – it started out with, “We the People,” the pledge, the songs, etc.

They are using their trickery like they did with Obama. Have you seen the Constitution during the last four years present in the Democratic Party – nothing but the far left radical flag flying.

Reflecting on the years starting with Bush I, now tells us that is when they started the One World Order and wealth distribution crap and we thought nothing about it until President Trump was elected and they all came out of the wood work as “traitors.” We have been fighting them for four years and now in this election they are trying to convince us they are for the Constitution. Give me a break.

Our problem is that we have allowed too many foreigners into our country without indoctrinating them into the values of the Constitution. Why is that? Because the politicians were too busy filling their own pockets and not paying attention. The President is trying to save the country and some of his own party are working against him because they want the old “Washington way of life” where you get paid every time a bill is selected and brought to the floor and you vote. What a bunch of crock.

Check them out – every representative started out poor and now after Obama’s eight years are rich men/women. That is why all colors now want to be a Congress representative for that reason.

This has to stop. When I vote for a representative, I expect him/her to prepare the bill from scratch. Not vote on something because the leader told you to vote on it and never even read the bill. As Pelosi’s famous line states, “You have to read the bill to know what’s in it.” Just think these people who represent us don’t even know what is in the bill when they vote. Is that government by and for the people?

This is the DEMOCRATS way of life because they don’t even know how to get in out of the rain. You all have elected people who have no intelligence and are stupid from what is shown on the tube.

If you listened to former Governor Kasich who was a Republican. He was outed as a Democrat during the 2016 election when he came to that same cross in the road. Last night, he repeated that same argument which came across, “flat as a fritter.” And the woman who was supposedly a Republican was also outed many years ago as a Democrat. It didn’t work way back then, so why do the Democrats continue using those same worn out Clinton condoms.

And then there was old Bernie – still telling us his radical socialists group is still growing – REALLY? You would have thought that you were at a different convention – his?

And, you have Biden, who is still speaking from his basement. If I were the Democrats I would demand he take a cognitive test. My sister, who had those same symptoms, lived with us and it is recognizable – he has a problem and the Democrats are hiding it to the public. A panel of doctors need to examine him before we vote to be sure he is okay to serve, if elected.

I get the notion that trickery is in the air as exposed by Senator Kaine as I have stated before. They want the public to vote for a man whose mind is not right and then “call it a day” if he wins and “walla” old horse face Harris is pushed into place. And, we end up with a “wooden nickel,” who is posing as a black woman as the leader.

We can’t allow that facade to happen. She is not qualified for starters and is a mean, hateful woman. You have heard straight from the horse’s mouth what her intentions are and it is definitely not good for the country.

All of this is a continuation of Obama’s coup and all of them should have already been indicted for treason.

Why all of the feet dragging? It doesn’t take years to see what has been exposed unless you are not on the right side of the judicial system.

As Obama’s woman said at the convention last night, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.” Even she told us it was a “COUP.” Are we going to stick with being STUPID?


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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