KOMMONSENTSJANE – George W. Bush and Friends: Enemies and Traitors

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I have to admit, “W” was a barrel of laughs. Yes, the presidency of George W. Bush was the source of much laughter. Bitter laughter, that is. The kind of laughter that overcomes a man when he knows that he is absolutely screwed.

And “W’s” disastrous presidency was one major screwup.

It wasn’t only the mangled syntax, or his self-righteously crowning himself “the Decider” that made his presidency so, ah, memorable. It wasn’t Will Farrel’s classic Saturday Night Live “W” impersonation, though that was a real humdinger.

Policy disasters were the main course served up by the administration during the Bush II debacle. The Iraq war, based entirely on deception and lies, was his crowning criminal achievement, but the march of folly didn’t stop there.

It didn’t start with Obama

George W., for instance, indulged in a number of “transvaluations” of commonsense values, something…

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