In an exercise bearing more fruit with each passing day, we will reach back on our timeline to grab previously understood events and dynamics, pull them forward and then use them to build on the positions outlined in the first two articles. Making the Case for Treason is now a sub-series within the full COVID-19 catalog, which now numbers 37 articles dating back to 09 Feb 20.

As we extend our initial thoughts on the precise reason Obama honed-in and targeted Flynn first, understand that the greater catalyst here presents alongside a lion’s share of broader criminality to which Flynn is privy. In other words, it means there is a primary reason and it draws our well-deserved and laser-like scrutiny as we ignore the rest of it.

It is the rogue nuclear arsenal that was being developed by the Deep State and Shadow Government, which exists globally (Globalism) and domestically. Stateside, upon entering office in January 2009, Obama immediately began to devise and implement the dark and treasonous shadow government that paralleled the existing legitimate power structure. Over time, this nebulous structure would metastasize and expand until its bucket could hold water and it could serve its purpose.

The blueprint for it was formulated from US knowledge developed from years of operations in the Middle East. That schematic was then adapted and mapped over the US domestically to infiltrate every single level of government: federal, state and local. It’s all of those people who still stand firm in the resistance and it’s all of them whom have us essentially locked down, out of work, not in school, questioning it all and ready for change; not to mention facing extreme legal jeopardy for treason. Understand that the totality of corruption that began before and continued after 9/11 became manifest in Obama’s administration. Obama still continues to serve as point man since the effort to insert Hillary was interrupted thus changing everything.

The take away is understanding all of Obama’s criminality through the same type of lens focused for COVID-19; demonstrating that none of it stands independently. All of the crime and corruption served as sub-components to the broader effort. Flynn was the missing piece to allow to bridge this gap with evidence and for that evidence we had to wait for and we can think apex predator shark counsel Sidney Powell.

In part two, we delivered that evidence with sniper-like precision. Now we extend it.

With Obama’s domestic power base infiltration paralleling all of the other efforts: the broader COVID-19 continuum and all of its sub-components (Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine and impeachment), Uranium 1, ISIS, Fast and Furious, spying on the press, spying on Congress, etc. All of it and all previously noted. From all of it, nothing stands independently. Each has its deep and entangled tie-ins to this broader overthrow timetable designed to usurp the US government and implement a One World Government. All of that will require unpacking over time with a final position to rule in or out. Point being, it’s all part and parcel for why it had to be FLYNN FIRST!

We now gain clarity on Obama’s 5-year purge of 197 of the US military’s leadership? Do you think Lt. General Flynn didn’t have his own verified and sourced intelligence and do you think that he did not know what in the hell was going on? Please. After all, this is Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, here.

A Confluence of Evil Forces
As we get into this, let’s consider two relevant videos: a demonstration of John Brennan’s allegiance and Michelle Bachman’s astute warning circa 2012 relative to the same. Both provide appropriate lenses through which to understand the origins of the treasonous infiltration we now face. Take note that as of the writing of this article, all of the Bachman/Muslim Brotherhood items are being scrubbed. What does that tell you? Tells me a lot understanding the nature panic and how to get in front of something.

Now reconsider those 197 officers in 5 years. Does in now have greater meaning? Whom does that? It was an is unprecedented for a reason and that reason is such that it served a purpose.

Do you remember Obama’s effort to scale back the military late in his first term? His words ought to chill to the bone now especially given that it was an “unusual” stop at the Pentagon and for the express purpose of delivering a “new blueprint” for a “small and leaner” US military. All of that now takes on different meaning.

Refer to Report 1 of this title in its entirety.


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