Following is the Democrat rot-gut news from the treasonous fake news – 8/16/2020 (all run by former members of Obama’s staff):

Business Insider
Donald Trump spends a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to ‘block’ mail-in ballots, says administration insider

Poll: Harris viewed more favorably than unfavorably

NBC News
Poll: Biden remains ahead of Trump nationally before conventions begin

The Washington Post
Tracing Trump’s Postal Service obsession — from ‘loser’ to ‘scam’ to ‘rigged election’

Congress – Pelosi switches gears from praising the riots, looting, and burning in Chicago, Seattle, Portland by BLM/Antifa to the post office handling Federal illegal votes.

Pelosi blaming the President for the Post Office losing money every year since its inception. What a way to run a railroad. Where does all of the money go – to Democrat candidate elections by the PO union?


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