Oprah Winfrey is an example of what America can offer – but now she has jumped on the white privilege train.
O’Reilly addresses her recent comments and why the white privilege deal is so harmful to America’s children.

After reading these two articles, it made me stop and think. We have worked hard as white people to share the country with all cultures. But, it seems that 13-17 percent of black people who have been “given” a route to the glories of our country and WHO HAVE reached that pinnacle – Opray, Obama, the billionaire NFL, NBA, and Hollyweed are the ones who continue to stir trouble within our country – that enough hasn’t been given to the black people. When is enough going to be enough and to get up off their a$$ and help us help themselves? Look what they do to their own communities?

Why is it those people don’t try to work with those people and share their riches to bring them up to their own standards rather than continuing to cause division.

What is their purpose?

Instead, they should be encouraging those in the black culture who they have left behind and help lift up these people by going into the communities and educating them on how to run their communities and encourage them to educate themselves instead of asking to be a “token” through the education system and life by helping themselves.

President Trump has opened the door and has elevated the blacks; but, the Oprah’s and the Obama’s only want to stop that elevation because they want the “slave” mentality to stay on the table of politics because the blacks are wising up and have found out that under Obama he did nothing to help the black people only the Muslims.

Time for the right ‘HOPE AND CHANGE.”

And shame on Oprah for displaying her ignorance about “whiteness.” She used the whites to become what she is and now is using it to hurt her own people and help the very people, Democrats, who are hurting her own people with this division “token.”


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