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Kneeling is begging:

After thinking about this “kneeling thing,” it has been puzzling to me why “anyone would kneel in commemoration to a public figure?”

Kneeling is begging. What are they begging for?

This kneeling thing has been stated as “working to help equal justice in the black community.” These communities are given to them and if you look at the news – look at what they do to them loot and burn them down.

Why is it the news never show any of the owners fighting back? They have black/white leaders who do not know how to lead – just fill their own pockets. Have you ever seen any of these leaders speak out? No, they like to see the black people live in squalor.

Why don’t these kneelers go into the community with their money and prop up the communities with experienced people and TEACH them how to better their lives, themselves, with hard work – like they did?

These kneelers continue to commit to the very people who are keeping them in the “pews” – the Democrats, Oprah’s, Obama’s and the Holly-weed.

Those token kneelers must have missed class in the U.S. when they emphasized that in the U.S. “you only kneel before God.” Which ever God you pray – if you pray. We don’t have nobility codes in the U.S.

We were taught that “you stand” and are willing to fight for the Constitution and the U.S. which is represented with our flag flying.

People don’t kneel to beg for anything in the U.S. – is that what they are doing?

Again, the truth, Obama tried to make the people think he was the King of the U.S. and “committed the over throw of the government which was called a COUP.” What did he do for eight years for the black people – nothing – he brought in hundreds of Muslims and some are terrorists. Do they want to live under that slave rule?

President Trump has offered many things to lift up the black people; but, the problem is these “token kneelers” don’t want things to change because then it would make everyone equal. The Democrats have always needed slaves to do their dirty work.

All I can say is, these kneelers are just grinding their knees in dirt and doing nothing to help the people they say they are backing.

Talk is cheap! Why aren’t these people trying to help the Democrat cities if they feel so high and mighty about equal justice? They do their “kneeling” thing on the days of game playing and the rest of the week – it is just “cheap” talk.


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