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To: kommonsentsjane
From: A Government OfficialMCongratulations, job well done, but you must tone down your obvious dislike of Hillary Clinton when discussing the investigation of John Durham because some of your remarks are not Politically Correct.

To: Government Official
From: kommonsentsjane

Will do, but I am confused – exactly what does the term Politically Correct mean? 

To:  kommonsentsjane 

From: Government Official 

Political Correctness is a doctrjne, recently fostered by a delusional – illogical minority and promoted by a sick Obama in cahoots with the sick mainstream media who continue to maintain that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit (Hillary Clinton) by the clean end.

It just “ain’t” possible.


Now we know when the Democrats tell us that we are not Politically Correct what they really mean. So watch where you are walking when in Democrat commie’s territory.

And this my friends, Hillary Clinton will go down in history not as a “stateswoman;” but a piece of sh**.

Sometimes it takes a dirty word to describe the people “who think they do not stink.”

Didn’t her FBI handlers say she and Obama smelled like “sulfur?”

Excuse my French!


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

When Hillary is running for office, particularly the presidency, she all of a sudden has a plan.   You name it she has a plan.   Hillary has been in politics a long time, she boasts about all her experience as senator and Secretary of State, all her foreign relations experience.   Her plan to save America, save the world…….hasn’t worked in the past.   She has made a mess, just like her boss Barack Obama.   They are feathers from the same bird, Saul Alinsky.

That is Hillary Clinton’s plan, drag us down, make us less than common folks.   She has been around long enough, too long…..we get the same package of crap with Hillary as we now have from Barack Obama.

Why is she even in the discussion?   A road trail of nothing but corruption.   Before she is allowed to register in any states primary…

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