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Billary will go to any length to “STEAL money to compete with the “real” rich folks – don’t include the folks that stole their money from the taxpayer – they don’t count as rich folks – THEY DIDN’T EARN IT – THEY STOLE IT.

Maybe some day there will be a provision in the election of any government official that binds them to revealing how much money they had when they entered government, sign off every four years if they are re-elected and have an accounting at that time, and then have to rectify when they leave government as to where all of these riches came from.

It seems that people go into the government process to load up their bank accounts. And, we have no accounting for their riches.

It is time to correct the corruption that is happening.

The Clinton’s were broke, she said, when they left the White House which wasn’t that many years ago and then they set up the Clinton Foundation while funneling money through Canada so that it couldn’t be traced. Maybe one of these days they will elect a PM who might want to question that “funneling.” This probably won’t happen if they are getting a cut above the rest of the scoundrels. 



ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Image result for Photos of the Clintons sitting on a pile of money

6 Billion U.S. Dollars, that is mucho zeros,  $6,000,000,000.00 and your tax dollars, hard earned tax dollars.   This is the amount that your State Department while under Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton can not, will not account for, it is still lost.   The corrupt significance of this picture is nobody, that means nobody in the media is asking the former Secretary of State, “Where is the missing $6,000,000,000.00 that has been coughed up (pun intended) under your watch?”  How the HELL can $6 Billion dollars just vanish?   Answer:  Hillary Clinton that is how.

Hillary Clinton and Slick Willie (and you can include Chelsea) have been robbing this country long enough under the false guise of their foundation.   Is this where the money is?  Is this why the Obama administration stopped an investigation of the Clinton Foundation?   Will Hillary share the wealth with Obama, Lynch…

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