This was years ago and the white liberal Democrats/Soros are only deeper in this movement which has been nationalized. Are they now part of Antifa who is a worldwide fascists group posing as a communist group but are really remnants of Hitler groups in Germany?

This is a Great point that no one in these movements ever want to discuss because it proves, the majority of these families that are destroyed is by decisions by the Adults & Leaders in the Communities. This isn’t racism, this is community problems.

Opinion by another person who knows:

Make a change. There is so much funding for the black communities, unfortunately it gets taken by the Leaders in the Black Communities & spent by the Black Leaders in The Black Communities – ILLEGALLY.

I have seen this 1st hand. Our Reverend was given $350,000 to spend on our community as a Leader and that S.O.B. spent all but $20,000 on his family.

This is the moral to the story in black communities not the solution.

Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and on and on are lead by liberal Democrats – all failures because they don’t know their AH from a hole in the ground. Everything they do is to keep up the liberal Democrats motto – lie, cheat, and steal – like Obama during his time in office.

Rich man – poor man, no mo!


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