Debunking Systemic Racism & Having Common Decency (Pt. 2) | Thomas Sowell | POLITICS | Rubin Report

The Rubin Report

.Published on Apr 17, 2018

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dr. Thomas Sowell (Economist and Author) about the role of government, the problem with minimum wage laws, his experience as a black conservative, debunking systemic racism, the importance of common decency, and his new book “Discrimination & Disparities.”


Why do Blacks follow the Obama/Schumer/Pelosi pack instead of people who are black scholars and make sense about success. The Obama train wreck for Blacks follows a bleak future which one would think since the time of slavery they would have recognized who is really trying to help them?

Why are the Blacks’ minds so wrapped in the Democrats failure of their future. Any mindful person would have recognize that Obama only took them backward and promoted his own ideology by loading up our country with Muslims. How did that help the Blacks?

Don’t follow the white liberal Democrats’, “WOKE” UP (the past) – use the proper track – the present – WAKE UP AND SMELL THE FUTURE – NOT THE PAST. Blacks continue to drag those chains of slavery instead of the future. Let go of those chains – they are the very thing that ‘BIND” you. You weren’t there but you continue to walk in those shoes.

Unlock those chains and join the Republicans in ALL PEOPLES’ FUTURE. And, quit tearing up your towns and stop those who are tearing up your towns – they are against you not for you. What do you get when you destroy your own towns – you have to start all over. Protect them instead. It’s your future.

May God Bless all of you with prosperity; but, only you as a Black can unchain yourself – no one can do it for you as long as you live in the past.

Listen to the Black scholars who are trying to inform you not defrock you as are the white liberal Democrats, who want to keep you in those chains. They are your enemy.


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