KOMMONSENTSJANE – Sometimes Deadly Force Isn’t Enough.


Read before you watch, violent scene, but mild compared to today’s movies and tV shows….

Graphic: Why Officers Shoot Until the Threat Has Stopped. Body cam footage released by police in Athens, Georgia shows police responding.

Count the warnings & number of shots fired by police:

See how the point of a gun and repeated warnings may not dissuade an attacker. See how fast a violent criminal can run, even after having been shot five times, and still take the officer’s gun away from him and stab him.

But for the body cam, some folks would probably be whining “why did they have to shoot him so many times?”.

Many people have been conditioned by screen fiction to over-estimate the effectiveness of handguns, and to believe that the “one shot stop” is not a rare anomaly, in real life.

Many people go to the range and squeeze off rounds at a rate of one per second, or maybe slower. See why that is not realistic.

The likelihood of something anything like this happening to someone in any one month, or even in any one year, is far less than remote, The way statistics work, however, that cannot be said about a period of decades. What is important, however, is not the odds, but the stakes.

Not for children.



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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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