Why are we allowing the radical Democrat Congress – Pelosi/Schumer continue to destroy this country and continue to tie the hands of the President with their leftist judges?

Pelosi destroyed the Bible and then mocked religion with her fake kneeling which all started with the fake Russia investigation and then the fake impeachment, then Pelosi/CDC gives Wuhan lab/China millions of dollars for the coronavirus to try to destroy the world, and now the Floyd killing to destroy the U.S. with their Soros Antifa/Obama Black Lives Matters.

So who is going to stop this ‘jungle mentality?” When will AG Barr and the President restore law and order in the U.S. and stop the Soros/Obama coup? It won’t stop until the heads of the snake are captured.


The following was written by former Mayor of Seven Hill, OH David Bentkowski. It’s definitely worth the read.

By David Bentkowski:

The government told you that you couldn’t have a funeral to honor your deceased loved ones because of COVID-19 … but over 100,000 are expected for George Floyd’s funeral.

The government told you that you had to stay home and close your business … but looters were allowed free access to destroy and steal from your business.

The government told you that your sacred religious beliefs couldn’t be practiced in a church due to the virus … but rioters were able to arson and destroy those churches and artifacts at will.

The government wants you to report any strong police enforcement of the law … the government doesn’t want you to report or identify anarchists or looters that are destroying the community.

The government released thousands of violent criminal offenders because the prisons were unsafe due to the virus … these jail spots are needed to house anyone that doesn’t follow their virus shutdown demands.

The government wants you to wait two … three … four months … to collect partial unemployment. Not one government official has been laid off or received a pay cut. There is plenty of your money to pay them.

The media wants you to believe these are all peaceful protests. The video shows that multiple police and citizens, of all races, have been murdered by the protests. Rioters are throwing Molotov cocktails at the faces of the Secret Service … police officers are being ambushed and shot … law abiding citizens are being killed trying to do the job law enforcement has been told by weak leaders not to do.

The sick and the aged are dying lonely in hospitals and nursing homes … and their loved ones are not even allowed to visit.

Anarchists are calling for the destruction of America and removal of all law enforcement … the Mayor of Los Angeles just called for $150 million reduction in the police budget.

Protesters taking selfie’s to show how “woke” they are on Instagram are destroying mostly poor neighborhoods … where local African Americans won’t now have a grocery store to go to … a bank to go to … public transportation to utilize, etc.

Less than a week after Memorial Day, countless memorials to our soldiers, Founding Fathers, and safety forces killed in the line of duty have been destroyed. Our history is being erased and rewritten under the guise of political correctness.

Members of law enforcement and our elected leaders are kneeling before the very people that are destroying our Country … in some sick, perverted gesture… to acknowledge they have completely abdicated their civic responsibilities. Rest assured, the “demands” of the protesters change daily and kneeling before them will only embolden more extremism.

Our pandering corporations are tripping over themselves to show their support of the “cause” with memes, Facebook posts and tweets … the same shoe companies that sell $200 tennis shoes in the hood that often lead to robberies and shootings … the same banks that charge minority communities 28% credit card interest … the same companies that outsource their jobs to China for a cheap wage while our communities in America starve.

LeBron and Kap think you are a racist and support the riots … from their 10,000 square foot gated mansions.

Karen from Brecksville OH and Kyle from Westlake OH spend their days on Facebook telling everyone they are a racist … often attacking them online … yet they have never mentored an inner city student, been a Big Brother or Big Sister, worked at an inner city youth or sports program, etc.

Mentally ill Hollywood celebrities have raised $20 million to post bail for rioters and looters … they haven’t raised a nickel for law abiding citizens that have lost everything through no fault of their own. Shop owners of every race and religion have seen their lifetime of work destroyed overnight.

The dangerous, corrupt media glorifies all of this … fuels the fire … demonizes anyone that highlights these tragic facts … all while making millions off the coverage. They LOVE this destruction because every night, scared Americans are turning in to make sure there is not a mob coming to their town.

The list goes on and on … and it needs to stop. And yes, this is all being done as a distraction – the Democratic Party has run out of gimmicks … Russia, the Ukraine, Kavanaugh, Impeachment, COVID-19 … none of it worked. They have to play the only card they have left … the race card. They are literally willing to destroy America so there is racial division and hatred – that they think will help elect their candidates. It is sick … it is perverse … and if you ever think about voting for any Democrat ever again, you are a disgrace to your Country.

There are 40 million Americans out of work … thousands and thousands of businesses were just destroyed in the last week and will never reopen … Anarchists are running cities and dictating policy … all while China is meticulously planning and facilitating our destruction.

Imagine you were a soldier that died at 18 invading Omaha Beach … imagine you were a prisoner of War in Vietnam, tortured daily, for seven years … imagine you were the retired St. Louis Police Captain … that served your inner city community for over 40 years … only to be shot dead over a television.

Talk about letting their sacrifices being in vain. We should all be ashamed.


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