KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Obama People Turned the Whole Philosophy of the American Founding Upside Down. Not Because They’re Evil, but Because They’re Idiots.

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Source:Christopher Chantrill

I think it is pretty clear now to all but the most klueless, given the bombshells and walls closing in of the past week, that the whole Trump Russia thing was a pu t-up job, that the Obama people, whether prompted by the Clinton campaign or President Obama himself, spied on the Trump campaign on a presumption about Russian spying. Predicates? We don’t need no stinkin’ predicates.

And the latest line on the pursuit of Michael Flynn is thathe had dirton the Obama Iran Deal and wanted to clean out the Augean stables at the intelligence community. So he had to be eliminated.

Here’s my objection to the whole Russia/Flynn thing.

Rule One, for me, is that We give the guys in the Other party the benefit of the doubt. We do not investigate Them, or trap Them, or leak IC information on Them to…

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