Governor, AG, Mayor, Council, and Police sit by while – BURN BABY BURN continues.

Is this part of the Obama machine which has fired up its Chicago-style machine to attack since they have been caught, i.e., the coup?

Would someone please explain to me why there is no law in force in Minneapolis? Is it because the Attorney General is Keith Ellison, a Muslim, and is forging Obama/Holder/Farrakhan’s plans to destroy our country? We have heard their cry for how many years? What is it that these bureaucrats don’t understand? We know that this group has always lived in mass destruction areas before they came to the U.S. and have not assimilated because what ideas they had – they brought with them. The bulk of them are uneducated and live to die which to them is the glory in living.

So will the plans be to straighten out this mess in Minneapolis? I still say all of this is a set up by the Democrats just like the Governor in Michigan fighting against opening the state for people to work. They want to continue to cause chaos.

Would someone please ask the rioters who are torching the city – what is the purpose since they are one of the taxpayers and will now have to pay to rebuild their city? Where is the mayor, hiding in his basement till its over? And, the police chief stated the police can’t go out for calls because they might get hurt? So they call out the National Guard to protect certain areas. The mayor and police have committed dereliction of duty and need to be removed from office.

Why haven’t the guilty police officers who were involved been arrested? Is it because the mayor wants more destruction before that happens? The AG – Ellison – doesn’t even know how to represent the people of that city. His idea is – BURN BABY BURN.

What a bunch of ninnies.

Maybe the citizens of that state need to elect a Republican to make things happen because what you see is created mayhem.

The officials are covered with the dust of bureaucracy and arrogance, are lazy, interested only in pleasure and privilege, and are riding on the backs of the people and are tyrannically abusing their power.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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