We all know that Trey Gowdy knows what is going on in the U.S. government – especially, with the Russia Russia Probe, the fake impeachment, and then the following letter.  In fact, a lot of people in the government know what is going on with both sides of the government and on the outside with the Obama crime swamp.

In this latest globalization crime episode of Schumer/Pelosi/WHO/China/Obama/Soros/Gates spreading the world with the coronavirus going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back?  Will the people of the world allow them to get by with this crime?

Time will tell.  “No one knows but the shadow do.”

Now, let’s see what Gowdy is up to?




Yes, Gowdy is so right.  The Democrats played bad with a number of foreign countries before, during, and after Prez Trump’s election.  We know that with the onset of the dossier and on and on – the proof of the crime pudding is still being stirred by AG Barr who just can’t get there from here without stepping on some sh**.  He continues to try to pick up the Obama/Democrat crimes on the clean end and finds it is impossible – because there is  no clean end in all of that sh** since all of their diapers are dirty.

It looks like it is time to SEND THEM ALL TO GUANTANAMO BAY and call for outside help – by calling SERVE-PRO.


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