KOMMONSENTSJANE – Donald Trump Might Finally Beat Barack Obama At Something. Guess What?

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This is so funny!  All Schumer/Pelosi/WHO/Obama/Soros/Gates/China’s fault and the Dem’s now trying to blame the President?

Love your blog. Are you still trying to be politically correct by trying to pick up your sh** on the clean end?   Sorry – there ain’t none.

See you at the polls.


Election Opinions

Sometimes it seems the entire Donald Trump presidency has been about trying to erase the eight years Barack Obama spent in the White House. Other than passing a round of tax cuts at the end of 2017 though, those erasure efforts have been the only real accomplishments of the Trump presidency.

Effectively, Trump’s legacy could be having ensured Obama won’t have one.

This proves once again that for all his bluster and bravado, Donald Trump is not a creator, a builder, or an achiever.

He is only a disrupter and destroyer.

He is not the patient child who spends hours building a tower from blocks or cards.

He is the petulant bully who knocks the tower down because mommy and daddy were praising his sibling for the creation while he had nothing of substance to show for his own limited efforts.

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