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One of the recent developments that brings this back to the table was the letter the FCC Commissioner sent to Adam Schiff and his committee over their violations of federal law or abuse of their power. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr called to attention the secretive subpoenas used by Schiff and the Democrats regarding private phone calls. He tweeted: “Chairman Schiff has been collecting Americans’ private call records through a secret and partisan process, he even published some of them in the Impeachment Report. These sensitive records are protected by federal law. His conduct raises serious concerns, and I’ve asked for answers.”

In his letter, he said: “I am writing to you because your committee has collected — and may still be collecting — the protected and confidential call records of private citizens and government officials alike through a secret and partisan process that deprives Americans of their legal right to maintain the privacy of this sensitive information.”

Time for a gathering-up by the collar.  The Pelosi Congress is not above the law!


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I’m deviating away from the pandemic and focusing on something else that needs to be addressed. What has been happening in Washington demands more than a few slaps on the wrists, meaningless censuring, and warnings from various agencies. What we need is definitive and legal action taken to prevent this kind of abuse from transpiring in the future.

What am I talking about? I am not talking about the claimed ‘abuse of power’ by President Trump, which is fictional from a constitutional basis. I am talking about the ‘abuse of power’ by the Democratic members of Congress who have grossly overreached their authority. I am talking about the Democratic establishment, in power in the House of Representatives, violation of numerous federal statutes and turning the House of Representatives into their personal political weapon.

One of the recent developments that brings this back to the table was the letter the FCC…

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