Bad-A$$ Obama Blames Wuhan Virus On Global Warming… AND Trump!

Posted by Sean Robertson | Apr 2, 2020 | Politics

Well, what would a mainstream-media-manufactured panic be without former president and Liberal messiah Barack H. Obama putting his two cents worth in by taking a shot at Donald Trump?

You would think, now more than ever, former presidents like Obama would set aside their partisan politics for the good of the entire union…

No one in their right mind would take this moment to attack the sitting president, who may be enduring the biggest existential threat in American history…

But, apparently, Barack Obama couldn’t care less about the unity of our country during these dark times. He had zero qualms about taking a shot at our president on Twitter.


In a tweet on Tuesday, the 44th President of the United States put out a link to an LA Times article about the Trump administration rolling back regulations on emissions and remarked, “We’ve seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can’t afford any more consequences of climate denial. All of us, especially young people, have to demand better of our government at every level and vote this fall.”

First of all…


Is That Your Answer To Everything? “Climate Change?!”

Let’s not even TALK about the cheap shot he was taking at Trump for a moment…

Let’s talk about the craziness of the fact that he’s blaming the Wuhan virus on climate change.

First of all, there have been TWO different explanations for where this virus comes from…

It either came from cross-species contamination when a Chinese citizen supposedly ingested an undercooked bat, or it’s a man-made virus that escaped the lab where it was created.

There has yet to be ONE model that can attribute this novel virus to climate change…
Yet there have been many different models that can tie its spread to human stupidity.
The fact that Obama tried to make this about climate is disingenuous and misleading – and for that fact alone, he should take the tweet down.


The veiled shot that Trump “denied warnings of a pandemic” are outright LUDICROUS!

PROOF That Obama Doesn’t Care About Americans!

This lie has been gaining popularity among the Left…

But the fact remains that Trump has been fighting the Wuhan Virus since January—even though he and his cabinet of experts only had the limited information that China would release to us.

If he would have listened to China, he wouldn’t have done a thing. They said it wasn’t being spread human-to-human, and they promised that they had it under control.

Both of those were outright lies.

Even with this information, Trump STILL restricted travel from China—and got lambasted for it. The Left calling him xenophobic and racist for doing so.

Trump didn’t ignore anything…

He was too busy with the coup attempt the Dem’s called an “impeachment” to give it his undivided attention, but he was still addressing it, even making mention of it during his well-received State of the Union Address (which, you’ll recall, Nancy Pelosi ripped up).

If there’s ANYBODY that needs to shoulder some blame here, it would be Obama, who refused to restock the stores of respirators that he took from the national stockpile to deal with H1N1.44

Maybe if he were focused on that rather than taxing Americans to death with the ACA, America would be in better shape facing this crisis.

Do you want to know what this tweet by Obama really is?

It’s sour grapes…

It’s him whining about the fact that Trump has undone his ridiculous policies that were choking American growth.

Obama is complaining because his legacy is being dismantled one executive order at a time and he can’t handle it.

So, what does he do? He whines about it…

If Obama REALLY wanted to help, he’d leave the confines of his $11 million DC mansion, set up shop in the White House by taking a position on Trump’s cabinet, and show the WORLD what being non-partisan and pro-American is all about…

(Seth – you have to be kidding – we don’t want that bad-a$$ near the White House.  He needs to be in jail.  But the whites are afraid.)

But his ego won’t allow him to do that.

If he TRULY cared, though, he’d be diving into that bi-partisan pool with both feet.

But he won’t…

And this tweet proves that.

“Washington has, with some justification, gained a reputation for being hopelessly mired in partisan gridlock.” – “Lion” Ted Cruz


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