This is what happens when you let the thieves in the front door.  They give you a disease to make you weak and then rob you.  Now China is trying to make themselves look good by  offering these stolen supplies to other countries.

Hope their Buda punishes.


China EMPTIES Australia’s Virus-Fighting Supply Stores!

Posted by Sean Robertson | Apr 1, 2020 | World

​Has there ever been a government more corrupt or underhanded than the communist regime of China?

​Seriously, if there is one take-away from the past few months, it’s this:

​You can’t trust the Chinese government—not one little bit.

​But that should go without saying, right? They ARE a communist government. They rule through fear, control, and propaganda…

​But after the trade war and their deliberate misleading of the world about the Wuhan virus, it should be clearer now more than ever before.

​Over the past three months alone, they’ve LIED about the transmission of the virus, they’ve silenced doctors who tried to warn the world, and they’ve deliberately destroyed laboratory samples in order to hide the secret shame of their inability to control the epidemic.

​Again, they’re a communist regime…

​We expect them to avoid the truth.

​But while we expected their deliberate deceit, we did NOT expect them to resort to outright THIEVERY!

Underhanded Hoarding Of NEEDED Supplies

​What’d they do?

​Well, it was just reported that a Chinese government-backed property giant, The Greenland Group, has secretly raided Australia’s critical stores of medical masks, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and other important medical supplies…

And then shipped the stolen goods back to China.

The government-backed company, which manages high-end real estate projects in Sydney and Melbourne, LOOTED Australia’s supplies of virus-fighting equipment – and even worse, they did it legally.

​How did this happen right under Australia’s nose?

​Well, the 3 million surgical masks, 500,000 pairs of gloves, and bulk supplies of sanitizer and anti-microbial wipes were BOUGHT up in bulk in other countries where the Greenland Group operates.

While the bulk purchases and shipping were perfectly legal, the fact that they are in short supply EVERYWHERE and the fact that they would secretly snatch these good up and send them back to China during these trying times is underhanded, no matter how you look at it.

Even worse?

If you look at the timeline of when all of this was going down, you’ll see that it was during the time China was LYING to the rest of the world about how bad the Wuhan virus was going to be—all during January and the beginning of February.

So, while the country was busy welding people into their homes, this government-backed Fortune 500 company put its business on hold and told employees in countries like Australia, Canada, Turkey, and others to start hoarding supplies.

On top of the masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and wipes, there were PALLETS of items like thermometers and 700,000 hazmat suits being packed into shipping containers.

The Greenland Group employees were basically conscripted to leave their desks and get as many of these products as possible…


What This Should Tell America


​The question is: should this surprise us?

​Not really…but at what point does moral responsibility come into the equation for a communist country?

​That’s a hard question to answer…

​But the fact that, during a time when they should have been warning the world about how dangerous this virus was, they were secretly hoarding as many supplies as they could while the rest of the world was in the dark should be telling.

​This is who they are…

​If we were smart, we would be doing what Trump has suggested for YEARS: decoupling ourselves from China as quickly and as often as possible.

​It’s not a good relationship for America to have anymore…

​They’re too focused on undermining our power globally.

​Time to shake hands and walk away…

​Brush ‘em off! Let them attach themselves to another capitalistic society…

We’re better off without them


We must stop trying to take care of the whole world and take care of our country, first..

You would have thought that after the surprise attack by Japan that we would have more thought about trusting any foreign country.  All countries are competing against each other to survive.  Take care of your own first.  America is too naive.

Hope this teaches us a good lesson and TRUST – BUT VERIFY.



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