KOMMONSENTSJANE – THE COUP IS REVEALING ITSELF: Democrats And The Media Admit That They’re Looking To Arrest Trump Cabinet & Impeach Both Trump And Pence, As They Seek To Appoint Pelosi President

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The Witches Brew: Somebody isn’t doing their job – who is it who is supposed to stop this witch from abusing the Constitution?

The Pelosi hormones are raging for the whole enchilada. Trying to do, illegally, what Hillary Clinton couldn’t do. Time to give her a hormone patch and calm her down till AG Barr rides up on his pony to save the country/Constitution cause the Supreme Court ain’t no where to be found.


Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

As the Democrats advance their ‘operation destroy opposing voices’ operation in Washington D.C., they have broadened the breadth of their campaign, as they work to silence any and all opposition, as to give them ‘full power’ in the nation! In fact, it now appears that their own agenda and end-game is to end our two-party system, and implement a one-party dictatorship! To understand the full breadth of their agenda, one has to look at the various prongs of their attack!

For example, one of the prongs was exposed months ago, when ‘The Conservative Opinion’ wrote

‘We Would Welcome President Pelosi’: Howard Dean Says Impeaching Trump and Pence ‘Actually Possible’

It was one of the first signs of their end-game to their multi-prong attack on the Trump Administration, as well as, anyone who dares to stand in the way of their Global Marxist Endgame!


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