KOMMONSENTSJANE – After Democrats Go After Impeachment, Things Begin To Get Interesting, As Democrats Prove That They Will Do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING To Overturn The American Voters And Oust President Trump!

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Apparently, Pelosi and her fellow Democrats love to talk the talk, in regards to law and order, but their actions paint a much different picture, as they trample all Americans laws, institutions, traditions, and most importantly, the Constitution of the United States of America!

Time to let Pelosi know that Trump voters are tired of her shenanigans. Everyone should go on twitter and voice our disgust.


Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

For months, former Vice President Joe Biden dodged questions about his youngest son, Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings, as well as, his own misuse of power that emerged, demonstrating how Biden himself had misused his own power as VP, by issuing threats against the Ukranian government who’s chief prosecutor was going after Hunter for corrupt dealings and ties. Ultimately, he warned the government to fire their prosecutor who was pursuing his son, or face repercussions from the United States government! AN INCREDIBLE MISUSE OF POWER FOR PERSONAL GAIN!

When Biden was repeatedly asked questions about the incident, he would sluff off the question as unimportant, called it a distraction, or changed the subject in his answer, so as not to have to address the question at all! Furthermore, it hasn’t helped that the Mainstream Media has become the DNC mouthpiece, as they refused to vet him as…

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