Why would Fox and Friends invite Geraldo Rivera to comment on the deportation of illegals who have poked their finger in the eyes of the law by not showing up for deportation and have to be sought out?

Rivera is against anything that involves deportation of illegals who are from south of the U.S.  RIVERA  – THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY!  These illegals are not here for assimilation – they are only here to use and abuse our Constitution.

How many years has Rivera been in the U.S. and he still seems to have a hard time being assimilated?.

What about the people south of the border who have been standing in line for years and want to come in legally and you have this man wanting to let all of these people to come in illegally.

The statements he made were against the principles of the Constitution.

When your house is burning down – you don’t worry about the remodeling.

And, then,  you have all three of the hosts sitting there like a bunch of “dumb bunnies” not protecting the Constitution and the laws of the country.


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