A city in Minnesota voted to abolish the Pledge of Allegiance formally recited at its bimonthly city council meetings earlier in June, but the decision has faced backlash from around the country. St. Louis Park, the city in Minnesota, voted June 17 to get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance in order for their residents to feel more comfortable.

Some of these residents are  Muslims and very over-bearing and knew when they came to this country to start a new life that we have a Constitution and what it stands for; but, the only thing some of them want  are the fruits of our welfare; but, do not want our Constitution and values.  Those people who do not meet the rules of assimilation like Omar and continue to speak against our country – need to be returned to their home country where they would “feel more comfortable.”

It is sickening that the officials of any town in America who cow-tow to these people and don’t have the guts to stand up for the Constitution and the laws should resign from their position.  Too many people died for our “freedom” for these cow-towers to dilute our values and our Constitution.

It is time to call out these weak noodles.  We all know what spaghetti looks like when you open the package – it is firm and then you place into hot water it is reduced to a limp noodle.  This is what is happening to our citizens.  When these officials were put into hot water – they didn’t stand up for our American values and the Constitution – they folded up like a lawn chair – because they were afraid of being called a “racist.”  Well, folks,  that is the secret word that these foreigners know – that we are scared of it.  You might as well get use to it – because that is the only English word they want to learn.

The American people are kind people and these foreigners are very over-bearing and that is the first thing we have to understand – they use it against us.


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