KOMMONSENTSJANE – Reading “Mein Kampf”: Part I

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Interesting read.


[So, you’re reading Mein Kampf. What motivated you to pick up that book in the first place?]

We’ve been hearing an awful lot of references to Hitler in the past few years. Everybody wants to make an analogy, whether that involves President Trump or the Democratic Party. Accordingly, I thought—

[Wait a minute. I’ve heard plenty of people describe Trump as a modern-day Hitler, but I wasn’t aware of any mainstream commentators who drew explicit parallels between the Democrats and the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.]

Are you kidding me? In his film Death of a Nation, Dinesh D’Souza argued that the original Nazis were more tolerant of racial diversity than the Democrats.

[Did he really say that?]

Yeah, he did. He said that the Nazis were more lenient in classifying “Jewish blood” than were the Democrats of yesteryear—and, by implication, of today—in determining what makes one a…

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