KOMMONENTSJANE – Elizabeth Warren Lied to Me.

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Interesting view as the writer cuts through the weeds. The writer has to separate the weeds of occupation.

Warren has been a brain-washed, long-time Democrat politician (former professor who has worked as a socialist) who slices and dices the bread to make a bigger loaf for herself; whereas, Prez Trump is a business man who is working to increase the bottom line of the entire country (after Obama’s eight years of corruption); and, as you can see, the Prez works with either side – if he thinks he can achieve something.

He is for the people – not either party – which is unusual in politics – and is cause for the Elite Repub’s to rag on him –  which he brushes off like dandruff on someone’s shoulder.

Not everyone agrees with the Prez’s decisions – which is okay.  And, perfection has been eluded in the history books  of politics.


warren 4

An act of perfidy on the part of a politician is not exactly an unprecedented crime. Growing up, I believed it was common wisdom that politicians are only the most skillful liars. I thought everyone knew that politicians lied professionally, that their practice was predicated on so much corruption and deceit that the only way for them to succeed within their field was to craft increasingly intricate and convoluted lies, the better to pull the wool over the eyes of an inexplicably gullible public. If this wasn’t the prevailing wisdom—and it couldn’t have been, not when roughly half of the adult population continued to turn out and vote for somebody—then there was very little reason why it shouldn’t have been.

It wasn’t until I came of voting age that I learned to wish for some integrity in politics. I wanted to believe in attractive people like Barack Obama, and…

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