This keeps popping up by the Democrats.  What poor losers.  We have to make our elections rock solid so that this will be elevated with paper ballots and photo/finger print.

Republican Brian Kemp will be the next governor of Georgia, with Democrat Stacey Abrams admitting Friday afternoon that there was no path to victory, following a bitter 10-day battle since Election Day.

But there are Democrats who still want it their way instead of the people’s way.  It certainly tells you that those are not the people  that you want to have in office.  Most people call them trouble-makers.  They just can’t let the ghost go – like Hillary about her loss.

Hillary Clinton says Stacey Abrams should be governor of Georgia during ‘Bloody Sunday’ speech.

Kamala Harris and Eric Swalwell also chimed in on this theory.  Cory Booker says the Georgia election is being ‘stolen’ from Stacey Abrams.

This is troubling:

In 1992, Abrams participated in a demonstration in which she helped to burn Georgia’s state flag in protest of the Confederate additions to the flag. The New York Times recovered an article from the demonstration with the candidate pictured holding up the burning flag.




It doesn’t seem that these people haven’t  interpreted the strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.


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