During President Bush’s time – in his State of the Union speech – he said he would order a stop – for a period of time – to the issuing of new government regulations – which was done.  We all know about the government newspaper called the Federal Register which prints all of the new rules and regulations.  |We know that manufacturers are smothered in a constant flood of new regulations – requiring another label or another sticker – another warning.  Observing just one bathroom brought about 50 warnings – some necessary – like  – EMPLOYEES MUST WASH THEIR HANDS BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK.  And then, some not necessary.

Because some Democrat persons want to leave their mark in the Federal Register –  it is bulging the regulations.  One regulation on paint is a typical Democrat scream for attention:  DO NOT DRINK  PAINT.  Another hair electric hair dryer label states:  DO NOT USE WHILE SLEEPING.  A new rule needs to be established:  For every new regulation – an old one has to be removed.  We have to draw the line to help out the manufacturers and stop this waste of words.

And then we wonder – who are these people and how do they get hired by the government?  It is evident that we could do without these people looking out after us.  How about an IQ test before hiring these people?


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