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When America elected Obama – America went from the “frying pan” right into the “fire.” For eight years, Obama treated America like a step-child and took us into a third world country.  Obama raped Lady Liberty/country by stealing its wealth:


The results were a country’s military which was emasculated, an educational system which was dumb down to the fourth grade reading level, a country he divided and ridiculed throughout the world, and Obama tried to strip America of its founding fathers and its religious freedom by claiming throughout the world that Christianity was no longer a part of America and injected Islam in our schools and airports with prayer rugs flying around like the Arabian nights.,

At the end of his time in office – Obama/Democrat Party committed crimes by  trying to put Hillary Clinton in office as the President by trying to over throw the government and even went so far as to try to oust a duly elected President by using the FBI/DOJ to commit crimes of the century.

The statement:

Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 despite, not because of, his most partisan voting record in the Senate.  I don’t believe that.  I think the election was rigged by the Democrats – just as they tried to steal the 2016 election.

And, then, people came to their senses and saw the light of day and elected a President who is giving his all to the country. Thank the Lord.


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President Barack Obama in 2016 (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Obama kick-started a cycle that moves ever farther left — even he now seems passé.

Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 despite, not because of, his most partisan voting record in the Senate. They were once willing to look past his earlier dubious associations with abject anti-Semites such as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, former terrorists like Bill Ayers, and unhinged characters such as Father Pfleger. They also averted their eyes from Obama’s often quite offensive commentary, in his autobiography and during the 2008 campaign (e.g., “typical white person” and “they cling to…” speech).

Instead, voters were tired of the Iraq War (which was over for all practical purposes by the time of the November 2008 election).

They were, of course, terrified by the September 2008 financial meltdown (which had been mostly stabilized four months later by the time of the inauguration)…

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