KOMMONSENTSJANE – Michelle Obama Is Labeled ‘Insensitive’ for Comparing Trump to a ‘Divorced Dad’ and America to a ‘Broken Family’ as She Criticizes the President on Her Book Tour in London.

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What is lacking in Michelle’s repertoire is that feeling for the relationship of personality to the environment in America.  She never caught up with it.

What happened? Did she run out of customers in the U.S. and is now peddling her book in London?

What happened to Obama’s statement:  “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money?”

When her book was released in the U.S. – did Michelle use the back door to jack up her sales figures and game the system? No one would dare question whether she paid a company to game the numbers.

Is she still gaming the system by having Companies like Result Source help authors boost their sales by buying 10,000 copies of her book and preventing bestseller list’s from recognizing those sales weren’t organic.

Cheating is/was part of the Obama game and they are real good at using America and then going overseas and crapping on Lady Liberty.

Michelle told America long time ago that she didn’t like us until she used the system to get rich and the fact that her husband tried to over throw the government and didn’t succeed is sticking in her craw. The Prez beat them at their own game. Still waiting for justice.



Michelle Obama is facing a backlash after she compared the election of Trump to America being under the care of a ‘divorced dad.’

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