Following is the student debt in the U.S.  Parents – this is what we spent to let the liberal socialists professors brain wash our young people about socialism.  Since the colleges did not teach them what we paid for – we need to file a claim with those colleges for a refund and to wipe out the debt of those students.  They generated fraud and should be called out.

student loan debt.

And now, due to the students lack of knowledge and they are not marketable, it is time for the student loan business companies to be investigated for lack of integrity and honesty by placing high interest rates on their college loans.

Undergraduate Student Loan Rates:

Variable Rates = 4.20% to 11.44% APR.

Fixed Rates  = 5.29% to 12.78% APR.

This is just another racket by the government on our students/parents to make money off of citizens.

It is also time to investigate colleges for the lack of conservative professors.  These conservative professors are being discriminated against.

The socialist professors/administration  are racketeering just like they did with the current situation in which parents and faculty committed fraud on entrance exams, etc.

It is also time to  investigate the educational system in total who are receiving taxpayer funds to fund  the socialism fraud in our intermediate and higher institutions.  Instead of socialism, our educational system needs to return to a balanced education of the three R’S – reading, writing (includes cursive), and arithmetic – it should also include civics/history of the U.S.

IT IS TIME TO DUMP THE DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST OBAMA CHUMPS and return our country to real education of our children.





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