Didn’t Socialist/Muslim Obama say – YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT?  So the government could control every blooming thing?

During Obama’s professor,  two-term tenure in our government – he did more tearing up than rebuilding.  Did Brennan and Clapper use their tentacles to hack our systems or allow the Chinese to hack our systems?  Look how many times all of our systems were hacked by sucking up different systems and Brennan/Clapper weren’t trying or didn’t want to find the perverts.  Again, were they not smart enough to find them or they just didn’t want to find them since it was the two of them who were doing the hacking.  We now find out –  they were too busy  being complicit with the Democrats/Hillary Clinton fraud against Trump Russian Collusion which has been going on for nigh of two years.

We must reject the FB and Google masters, totally. The bulk of their workers are foreigners and have no allegiance to the U.S. In fact, their workers rejected working with our military but elected to work with China’s military? They are a danger to the security of the U.S. as pointed out – by the military officials. Our military websites are being hacked – by who? FB and Google don’t own the internet sky lines and should be put on notice by legislative means. It is time to “part the waves.”

Are these tech giants a part of the problem and not the solution?  The military using  systems that FB and Google use doesn’t seem smart to me and I definitely am no expert – just common sense – and I know these techies have none because they weren’t taught to have any.


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