KOMMONSENTSJANE – Omar Throws In the Towel on Obama. The Coach’s Team.

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For once, a Democrat told the truth. Remember that ONLY OBAMA decided who would be taken out with a drone.

Remember her religion states – the ends justify the means – all for their religion which is a government called Islam first and then second comes the religion. They use their religion to get their foot in the door and then try to convince you there is no other religion – only Islam. And besides, it cannot co-exist with other religions or the Constitution for that reason. Until they succumb to FREEDOM FOR ALL – it will continue being a dog fight.


The Coach's Team

from Powerline of March 9th

by John Hinderaker

The arrogance of the Democrats’ first-term socialists, who have now been in Congress for a little under two months, continues to amaze. Ilhan Omar–in the news again, to the dismay of the Democrats’ cooler heads–ripped Barack Obama yesterday, contending in a Politico interview that Obama is just “a pretty face” and that he “got away with murder,” specifically mentioning “caging of kids” at the Mexican border and the “droning of countries around the world” during his administration.

OMAR AND OBAMAObama a “smiling murderer” claims Omar

It would have been fun to be a fly on Nancy Pelosi’s wall when she learned that her number one problem had launched an attack on the only figure who is universally popular–well, almost universally popular–among Democrats. We will never know what went on behind closed doors, but Omar risibly claimed that Politico had somehow distorted her…

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