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Why are Americans so gullible? First, you all, not me,  elected Obama and now we have four Muslims in Congress – plus the followers of Farrakhan who is a Muslim.

Didn’t the American people see what Obama did to us for eight years with his dictatorship with the Muslim Brotherhood czars and Valerie Jarrett?  Just the military alone was a knee-cutter by removing Christianity and then the same thing in our educational system when he injected socialism into the class room and our young people’s heads?

And the fact the Supreme Court ruled that Obama did not use the Constitution with its laws during the eight years he showed  up?

Don’t fall for all of this gibberish that the Democrats are putting out.  They didn’t save you from Obama and, in fact, helped him to create the swamp.



ap_19042657556170 Freshmen Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, left, and Rashida Tlaib have proven they are more powerful than Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the new U.S. Congress.

Below is a speech I gave to a group of about 100 Georgia Republicans on March 9, 2019. I am available for speaking engagements to groups of 20 or more and do not charge a fee if within driving distance.

How many of you have been watching the news in recent weeks and wondering, “is this still America? What is going on?”

How many Americans must be wondering, where did this Ilhan Omar, covered in the Islamic headscarf, come from and how in the world did she end up in Congress? We’re told she’s from Minnesota but she seems obsessed with demonizing Israel and speaks sympathetically of ISIS fighters.

Who is this other new Congresswoman with the foul mouth, Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who bragged to…

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