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If he fought in Viet Nam for the U.S. – in his heart, was he fighting for Mexico?  Or did he sign up so that he could get “free college” when he returned?

This professor still hasn’t gotten over  the Battles  at “THE ALAMO AND SAN JACINTO where they got whipped.  He is still fighting those wars.  Why does he have a job as a socialist professor at UT?  With that attitude and our tax dollars funding UT, he needs to be sent to a remedial class for socialists since he has the mental disease that the Mayo Clinic has diagnosed for the Democrats.

Another thing, we are going to have to confront is that we MUST HAVE more diversity in our colleges which include conservatives professors.  The liberals professors are part of the hiring – so conservative professors never have a chance to be hired (which is the plan).  Our colleges are full of liberal professors who are teaching the classes that our young people sign up for; but, are injecting socialism into the subject.

In the end, they use more of the socialism than the core course.  If the student injects his conservative thoughts – he is failed.  All students must be reimbursed or their debt cancelled if this happened.  The administration must correct this fraud which is being put on our children.  If a student signs up a specific class – the class must teach that course and not teach socialism.  It is well known that our students have been hijacked.

A note to all young people.  If this happened to you – you must ask for a reimbursement or a cancellation of your debt.  This has to stop.  These colleges are committing fraud.  It is time for a class action suit against these colleges for fraud.


U of Texas professor José Gutierrez defends his ‘eliminate the gringo’ quote

Posted on February 16, 2019 by Dr. Eowyn Rate this post

There’s a meme circulating in the AltMedia, of a quote attributed to José Angel Gutierrez:


So I looked into this, to ascertain the meme’s authenticity.

Gutierrez indeed is a professor of political science at the University of Texas – Arlington. Below is a screenshot I took of his page on UOT’s website. Note the “Proffessor” typo:


In defense of himself, Gutierrez wrote this essay for The Texas Civil Rights Review, which calls itself the “Lone Star of Conscience”.

Below is the essay in its entirety (I added the bold red emphasis). Read it, and tell me what you think.


By Jose Angel Gutierrez ⋅ July 21, 2010

Originally published en espanol in La Estrella newspaper of Fort Worth, reprinted by permission of author.

I was the head of the Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO) in Texas in 1969 having just return from military duty during the Vietnam War. I held a press conference in San Antonio, Texas on April 11, 1969 to announce our organizational plans.

This is what I said:
“MAYO had found that both federal and religious programs aimed at social change do not meet the needs of the Mexicanos of this state.

“Further, we find that the vicious cultural genocide being inflicted upon La Raza by gringos and their institutions not only severely damage our human dignity but also make it impossible for La Raza to develop its right of self-determination.

“For these reasons, top priority is given to identifying and exposing the gringo. We also promote the social welfare of Mexicanos through education designed to enlarge the capabilities of indigenous leaders.

“We hope to secure our human and civil rights, to eliminate bigotry and racism, to lessen the tensions in our barrios and combat the deterioration of our communities.

“Our organization, largely comprised of youth, is committed to effecting meaningful social change. Social change that will enable La Raza to become masters of their destiny, owners of their resources, both human and natural, and a culturally and spiritually separate people from the gringo.

“Only through this program, we of MAYO, see the possibility of surviving this century as a free and complete family of Mexicanos. We will not try to assimilate into this gringo society in Texas, nor will we encourage anybody else to do so.

“Rather, MAYO once again asks of friends here and across the nation to assist us in our efforts. We intend to become free as a people in order to enjoy the abundance of our country and share it with those less fortunate.

“MAYO will not engage in controversy with fellow Mexicanos regardless of how unfounded and vindictive their accusations may be. We realize that the effects of cultural genocide takes many forms—some Mexicanos will become psychologically castrated, others will become demagogues and gringos as well and others will come together, resist and eliminate the gringo. We will be the latter.”

Questions followed the press statement, particularly from Kemper Diehl, a reporter with the San Antonio Express News. He wrote an article on the press conference and printed his version of an exchange:

Q: What do you mean by ‘eliminate the gringo?’

A: “You can eliminate an individual in various ways. You can certainly kill him but that is not our intent at this moment. You can remove the base of support that he operates from be it economic, political, social. That is what we intend to do.”

Kemper Diehl wrote more: “Gutierrez was again pressed as to intentions of killing gringos ‘if worst comes to worst.’ He replied ‘If worst comes to worst and we have to resort to that means, it would be self-defense.’ ” Gutierrez went on to be quoted as detailing attempts on his life and property just a few years before.

For the record, this was a press conference 38 years ago! It was not a press conference held yesterday much less statements made by me in my class room at the university. Since immigration and anti-Mexican attitudes are now the talk of the day particularly on national radio and television I have been resurrected.

Lastly, about 2 years ago Alan Wall that works and lives in Mexico put together words as if they were mine and posted them on VDARE.com claiming they were mine. Soon these quotes appeared in many extreme right wing websites. Two months ago David Horowitz included me in a list of the 101 Most Dangerous Professors in the United States and cited these Allan Wall quotes as his evidence. Reporters today are now citing them over and over again today.

Because of this the FBI came to see me and warn me that some people want to kill me. I cannot stop crazies from believing these lies. This will pass. In the meantime realize that the white hate aimed against me now is really the same white hate aimed at all of us of Mexican ancestry residing in the US.

-End of Gutierrez’s essay-

I find it noteworthy that no where in his essay does Gutierrez actually denounce or renounce having said:

1.Mexicanos will not try to assimilate into the U.S. or encourage others to assimilate.

2.Eliminate the gringo by killing them. He merely said it wasn’t his intention “at the moment,” which implies he reserves killing gringo for some future time. (Note: “gringo” is a term used in Latin America to refer to a foreigner, especially one of U.S. descent.)

All Gutierrez did in his essay is make the excuse that he said “eliminate the gringo” 41 years ago, in 1969. But since he neither denounces nor renounces that statement, what difference is it that he said it many years ago?


Is the professor also elated with the Democrats sponsoring Planned Parenthood and the number of abortions  wiping out the work force in the U.S.?

What I do  not understand is these folks come to the U.S. from Mexico rather than stay in Mexico and FIX their own country.  Then they want to change this country when they couldn’t even fix their own home country.  If they want that culture – simple thing to do is to go back and fix their own home country.  But, the fact is, they like our free money which they don’t get from their own country.  So,  they ride to riches on someone else’s back?

This could be fixed so easily.

I like all cultures.  Growing up we were taught – live your own culture in  your own home and then when you go out into the streets with your friends just enjoy the other cultures.  You don’t have to be like anyone else – just be yourself and enjoy the “FREEDOM” you have.  Don’t bring your hate – leave it in your own home country.  You don’t have to have any set culture on the street – this is the U.S.  Just live and let others live in freedom – because you don’t have that  in  your home country –  don’t try to change our country.  That’s all we ask.

We don’t want to hear the hate of the socialists.  If you are a socialists – go get some help for your hate disease.

The professor needs to go to “anger management” classes or retire.



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