Is this  why we need border fencing?  Gangs and drugs?  After watching this video only reinforces the fact we need a fence and have to fix the broken immigration system.  All of this is a result of Presidents starting with Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama who were in charge and were pushing One World Order and Wealth Distribution.

Look at our debt which has been squandered with borrowed money and we don’t know where the taxpayer’s money went.  Now all of the politicians have millions of dollars in their bank accounts and the country is as poor as a church mouse after we send them trillions of taxpayer money every quarter or who knows maybe daily?

Pelosi/Schumer want to do even more harm to our country – remember they were a part of the Obama regime that tried to over throw our government.

When will we have reckoning day?  Maybe tomorrow?


Hawkmoon | February 16, 2019

This video, entitled “Attack On America,” was produced by the California Coalition for Immigration Reform. It documents an attack by Chicano, Illegal alien and Communist counter-protestors on a smaller, on average much older group of Prop 187 backers at the Federal Building in Los Angeles on July the 4th, 1996. Chicano-ism is a cult-like, brown racial supremacist and Latino nationalist movement that claims ownership of the southwestern United States, which they call Aztlan.


Interesting fact:

One of the people in the video stated that the white people who are European need to go back to Europe where they came from because CA belonged  to Mexico.  If that is the case – then he needs to go back to Mexico because all of the land in the U.S. belonged to the Native Indians.

Don’t think he was present during that time and has no skin in the game?


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