Ann Coulter has to understand that she became too embroiled after she named President Trump to be and in her own importance.  Any association with the President is not a friendship – it is a business deal since she was using her notoriety to sell books.  We are all citizens working for the country and trying to give him suggestions and because he didn’t bend with the whims of Coulter  – she has decided to conduct a “Whac-A-Mole” on him since the money and speaking fees have dried up by being on his side and to garner more fame – she has decided to spark the fire by changing sides in order to fleece more sheep.

Coulter is fickle –  which is characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially with regard to affections or attachments.

It is the country who is affected when people like Coulter puts herself before the country.



msn news

Ann Coulter Fires Back at Trump: ‘The Only National Emergency Is that Our President Is an Idiot’

By Matt Wilstein

Ann Coulter says she’s thankful President Trump distanced himself from her on Friday after he disappointed her once again by signing a bipartisan border deal while simultaneously declaring a national emergency to fund his wall.

“I haven’t spoken to her. I don’t follow her. I don’t talk to her, but the press loves to bring up the name Ann Coulter,” Trump told reporters from the Rose Garden Friday morning.

“Probably if I did speak to her, she would be very nice, but I just don’t have time to speak to her,” he added, before saying he thinks she’s gone “off the reservation” when it comes to her increasingly loud criticism of him.

“He seems to think ‘the reservation’ is HIM, not his campaign promises,” Coulter tweeted following the press conference. But she had a lot more damning things to say during a radio interview with L.A.’s John Phillips and Jillian Barberie on KABC’s The Morning Drive show.

“Thank god he’s relieved me any responsibility for what he’s been doing,” Coulter told the radio hosts. “That was the biggest favor anyone could do for me today.” Declaring that “the country is over” now, she said she didn’t need a Tarot card reader to know that Trump would “totally f-over his base.”

The president’s “mandate,” Coulter said, was to build the wall. And even though that’s what he plans to do by declaring a national emergency, she’s not happy about it. “The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot,” she said.

During his press event, Trump similarly distanced himself from Fox News host Sean Hannity, who, unlike Coulter, specifically urged him to build the wall through use of an emergency order. “Sean Hannity has been a terrific, terrific supporter of what I do. Not of me. If I changed my views, he wouldn’t be with me,” Trump said, before insisting that right-wing pundits “don’t decide policy.”

Coulter predicted that the courts will use the bill Trump just signed to block him from building the wall, once again calling him a “lazy” and “incompetent” president who is surrounded by “absolute morons” like son-in-law Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

As for Trump saying he “hardly knows” Coulter, she also retweeted a photo of herself speaking at his Iowa rally that aimed to debunk that claim.


Nothing worse than a woman scorned.


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