Crimes, like lands, are not inherited.

Isn’t it time to call out our friendly Democrats/Elites and place them on the table and point to their crimes?

As the play begins, Timon of Athens, with his generous nature, is friend to everyone: the needy, the indebted, the powerful, the artistic. One exception to his love of mankind is the cynical and humankind hating philosopher Apemantus. In Timon’s excessive generosity, he unthinkingly spends his prosperity on others, till nothing is left. But the men he has treated so well forget his kindnesses and turn on him, demanding payment for money he owes. The generous-hearted Timon transforms at light speed into just another form of Apemantus, condemning all men (still including Apemantus) and exiling himself to the woods to live alone.

There the irony: Timon no-longer-of-Athens finds gold, enough to reestablish himself at the top of Athenian society. But he rejects the gold and society and is happy to rid himself of his new-found wealth by tossing it at or to anyone who passes nearby—army general and mistresses, thieves, poet and painter.

But Athens is under threat from attack, and it turns to Timon for succor because the attacking general is loyal to Timon. Timon rejects the city’s pleas vilely, and it falls.

Shakespeare wrote the words that capture the theme of Timon of Athens for me and put in the mouth of the poet who visits the self-exiled Timon offering—in hopes of a share of the gold—to write a poem that “must be a personating of ” [Timon].

It will be “satire against the softness of prosperity, with a discovery of the infinite flatteries that follow youth and opulency.”

It’s the gnat principle. Gnats of the sort found in Virginia, swarm around any human head they can find (animals, too). Wealth and influence likewise attracts other men and women. In hope of benefiting from that wealth and influence, they swarm like gnats about whoever possesses it. As with Timon, when the wealth, influence or prominence fail, the swarms of humans disappear.

What can I do for my fellow seems much harder to think and act on, than the opposite: what can I gain from my fellow.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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