KOMMONSENTSJANE – EPIC JUSTICE? After Red Lobster Boycotts Tucker Carlson Over Ideological Differences, Calls To Boycott The Seafood Giant Grow! Here’s Why…

Google erased my comments on this blog.


My comment was that I agreed with this writer.  It is time to stand up for our Constitution and laws which the left is un-American and  is standing up for communism.

Tucker has been fair to the left by inviting them on his show and challenging them in a debate.  Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense as to why the Red Lobster did this to him.  They have turned from being The Red Lobster to the Blue Lobster.



Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

Ever since Tucker Carlson was promoted to the host of Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ show, radical Progressive-Socialists and Communists have targeted him for removal, with the financial support of George Soros backed organizations and his dirty money. Sadly, Tucker is not the first conservative host to be targeted, nor will he be the last. But these radicals have found that in order to end the careers of highly successful tv stars like Tucker Carlson, they don’t target the audience, or even Tucker himself, but instead the advertisers, ultimately making successful anchors worthless to a network, as their revenue sources dry up.

In the past, I have always been hesitant, to call for or launch, any kind of boycott against companies for political reasons, but in the war against communist ideologues, I have determined that it has become invaluable in winning the war for our nation, and…

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