02 February 2019


Another Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift, where are you when we need you?

Roughly 300 million people have died in all the wars ever fought.

Slightly less, between 250 million and 300 million have been killed by their own governments (perhaps a quarter of them by Chairman Mao).

Maybe 600 million in 6,000 years.

Worldwide, since 1973 nearly 1.5 billion abortions have taken place, more than 50 million in the US alone.

But, if you believe that this isn’t a child, that it’s just a fetus, so what?

It’s just a part of the mother, no different than a wart on the end of a nose, and can be as easily discarded. It is, in New York as of last week (and many countries around the world), devoid of rights.

Under the law just signed by Governor Cuomo, abortion is now legal up until – literally – the day of birth if a “health care practitioner” finds: “… the abortion is necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.” This language has been interpreted by the courts to mean: ‘all factors — physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age.’ In practice, this means the decision is up to the woman.

Governor Northam of Virginia then opined on 3rd trimester abortions, speaking of a newly delivered baby with severe deformities: ”The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. So I think this was really blown out of proportion.”

There’s a “brave new world,” where doctors and nurses would let a new baby die if the mother didn’t really want it.

Meanwhile, Northam is being pilloried (rightly) for his behavior while in medical school. But it’s sad (but not surprising) that Big Media can become nearly apoplectic over racist behavior 30 years ago (one suspects fueled by alcohol – but still horribly wrong), but a deliberate remark advocating letting a new-born child die? Meh.

What is now being argued is that fetuses with severe deformities can be aborted whenever. How exactly will that be defined? In several countries that already equates to Downs Syndrome.

What I don’t understand is why New York stops at birth?

A fetus is “viable” at 38 weeks and could be “extracted” and put up for adoption. But really, how bothersome. Just get rid of it. NY now allows that. But, a baby one week after delivery is arguably less viable than one week before delivery. After all, before delivery the mother need not really think about what happens next; autonomic functions feed the fetus, clean out waste, etc. After delivery all that requires conscious and deliberate acts. The child is, in fact, less viable. Why shouldn’t mothers have the right – for their own mental health – to just get rid of children if they find them to be, well, inconvenient?

And while we’re at it, what about old people? Aren’t they an inconvenience too?

Here’s a prediction: within one generation we’ll see serious recommendations in academia and in some legislative circles that where a mother has given birth to a child with some sort of birth defect or other health issue, that they be allowed to get rid of the child. They’ll recommend up to perhaps several months old. The number will “move right” over time. Then will follow a virtual cornucopia of “good” ideas to improve our “health,” discontinuing health care for all sorts of reasons, revolving around what will in the end simply be matters of convenience.

Seriously, which would you rather: a vacation in the islands, or spending your time and money taking care of grandpa? He’s 90, he’s had a good life, he was no one special, not a movie star or corrupt Congressman. Turn off the feeding tube and lets get to the airport.

Immigrants and the poor will be allowed to work for the technocrats who run this bleak dystopia, and then conveniently “allowed” to die after they stop working, so they don’t clutter up the health care system or consume natural resources… They’re just serfs. Fetuses will be carefully monitored as they develop; indicators of the wrong physical and mental traits and they’ll be eliminated.

Maybe they’ll be turned into a high protein food source for the peons.

Copyright 2019 Arrias





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