What is the best way to express gratitude when you are invited to share a Christmas meal or any invitation? In most cases we ask if we can add to the meal by bringing an item.

Showing Appreciation:

So, as a guest, do you stuff yourself to express gratitude? Most people don’t over indulge to express thanks and, certainly, don’t strategize ways to gorge themselves since people, today, are so conscious of their weight.

Nothing pleases a host more than to see all of the food dishes empty – ready to place in the dish washer.

Food Preparation:

My Mom always inventoried the left overs to see what the family and guests devoured and what was barely touched and the barely touched was always noted.

In earlier days, food preparation included a lot of bacon grease and, now, we laugh when the pundits groan about bacon grease as a “heart attack” waiting to happen and we snicker all the while – thinking – Grandma always used the bucket of grease like when you were washing clothes – at least two heaping tablespoons – and Grandma and Grandpa lived to be a hundred before they decided it was time to move on to Heaven where the rest of the family were.

Different folks all have secrets to their cooking; but, one of my brother-in-laws shared his sister’s secret recipe which was adding at least an ounce of bourbon in every recipe for greens.

As an invited guest, our specialty is to bring a bottle of the type of wine we love to share with others and maybe they will like it as much as we do – which is nothing new.

In the end the gathering of folks is what counts and nothing pleases a host more than people having fun and enjoying themselves.



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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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