Word on the street has it that Obama’s visit to Rice University to stage a “Barack Obama Reset” was set as a comedian. If anyone saw the snippets on the evening news, it was a hoot. When they take this show on the road, Hollyweed will probably give it an academy award as black entertainment.

It was surprising to see that Rice University (Baker Institute), who has always been a highly academic school for intellects, would allow themselves to be used as a pawn for the lefties. The surprising part, people in the audience even politely clapped when he lied – which re-enforced that with each clap they knew he was lying.

In this stage production, Obama was the sole actor, and he used all of Presidents Trump’s accomplishments since being elected to office – which brought us out of Obama’s doldrums to re-invent his own presidency since it was such a failure and full of scandals (crimes).

Wonder how the people felt when they left the show – did they feel inflicted with dirt and had to go home and shower or did they go home with the same attitude that people had when they elected the President – that Obama was just another politician who fooled the uneducated people – which is nothing new in America. People who know what is going on in America stand up for the Constitution and its laws not for this person who was the most scandalous president in the history of America and paid millions to hide his sordid past by a lawyer who through Obama’s actions sits on the highest court in our nation.

This should end up being the best road show performance in America’s history – because the elected officials in our government will not stand up to this scurrilous black man because they are afraid he will call them a racist.

That is where humor enters the room of entertainment and we all politely clap a clap of disapproval when we vote against this affliction of his called Marxism and narcissism.

And to think all of this “intellectual” humor which was given by Obama was to bring like-minded people together. This only re-enforces what a low our educational system standards have fallen. Undoubtedly, Rice University did not vet his “show” prior to the action performed and makes Rice the laughing stock of the college talk show circuit.


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