Laura Ingraham did a bang-up job on covering this story about Obama’s failed reset at Rice University in Houston, TX.


Also, the former Shell Chairman also covered the oil water front with his observation of Obama’s failed reset .

Obama should have let Hillary Clinton be his partner at Rice University since she has the reset button that didn’t work in Russia – surely they have that “red” button repaired by now.

Red Reset Button

My understanding is they painted that “dang” button red instead of blue – maybe that is why it didn’t work for Hillary when she tried to reset Obama’s relationship with Russia and Putin – since it was a Republican button.

Putin didn’t respect Obama because he stated he was going to “lead from behind” – did that mean lead from behind Putin and would be subordinate to the rest of the world leaders? Guess so, cause Obama didn’t get out of that ditch during his two terms – just spinning his wheels.

Even with all of that resettin’ Obama/Hillary did with Russia – they are now trying to pin it on President Trump. Mueller can’t even find that information where he, himself, delivered that sample of Uranium One to Russia for Obama/Hillary who were paid a tidy sum. Did Russia sell that Uranium One to Iran for trying to make a bomb?

By the way – where was he the “Night of Benghazi,” not the “Night of the Iguanas,” where a defrocked Episcopal clergyman leads a bus-load of middle-aged Baptist women on a tour of the Mexican coast and comes to terms with the failure haunting his life. We are still waiting for Obama to tell us “where he was that “Night of Benghazi.” Will Obama go down in history as a defrocked leader? Only the “shadow” knows.

Good job, Ingraham.


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  1. Him and Hillary gave the stand down order to the troops who wanted a rescue mission to Benghazi and then went to bed. Next morning they came up with the “video caused the riot in the streets.” They have been covering for those lies along with the rest of his administration (that never was indicted) ever since. One lie led to another and then the FBI (Comey) started covering for them after the “meeting on the tarmac.” Hillary deleted 33,000 emails that were to and from Obama discussing their coverup of Benghazi and other pay to play deals she was involved in. When will the real truth be told to America? I’m still waiting. In the meantime we have to hear about the fake Mueller probe daily which is a joke and waste of taxpayer money.


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